On January 11, 2022, DC, a 23 year old laborer from Methuen, was driving home in his large pick-up truck. He drifted across the road and collided head on into a small car headed in the opposite direction. DC did not stop but kept on driving towards his home. DC pulled into the parking lot of the apartment complex where he lived. Within minutes the police arrived. DC admitted that he had hit the other vehicle and fled the scene. The police cited DC for a marked lanes violation and leaving the scene of a property damage accident. DC met with and retained Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover to represent him.

Attorney Lewin contacted DC’s insurance company to make certain that the insurance company promptly paid any claims made by the owner of the other vehicle (a young woman). Attorney Lewin met with the Assistant District Attorney to negotiate a settlement of the case. DC did not want to lose his license. If the case were to end up with a guilty finding DC would have lost his license for a minimum of 60 days. Attorney Lewin was successful in getting the District Attorney to agree to continue the case without a finding for six months; a continuance without a finding would NOT involve any loss of license.

On June 14, 2022 DC and Attorney Lewin appeared in Lawrence District Court. The Judge after hearing from the Assistant District Attorney and Attorney Lewin agreed to continue DC’s case without a finding for six months to December 14, 2022. As long as DC stays out of trouble for those six months, the case will be dismissed on December 14, 2022 and DC will NOT suffer any loss of his license. In addition, because Attorney Lewin had contacted the insurance company early on, Attorney Lewin was able to furnish the District Attorney and the judge with proof that DC’s insurance company had fully paid for the damage to the other vehicle; as a result, the Judge ordered that DC did NIOT have to pay any restitution.

On September 22, 2021, EC, a 33 year old Registered Nurse, attended an evening concert at the Hampton Beach Casino. Over the span of about 4 hours she had two drinks. At about 1:30 AM on the morning of September 23, 2021, she left the concert, got into her car, and headed home to Cambridge. She was very low on gas and sought the nearest gas station on her GPS. The GPS directed her down Route 1 South to a gas station. When she arrived the station was closed. Her GPS then directed her to a gas station further down Route 1 South.  She came to the intersection of Route 1 and Route 133 by the Agawam Diner in Rowley and her car ran out of gas. EC got on her cell phone and called AAA. While she was on the phone with AAA the Rowley Police arrived on scene. Everything thereafter was captured on the bodycam and dashcam videos. The police pushed EC’s car off the highway into the parking lot of the diner. The police could smell an odor of alcohol coming from EC and had her exit her car. A series of field sobriety tests were performed (all captured on the videos). The police arrested EC and she was transported to the station. In the station she was booked and the entire booking was captured on the video. On the morning of September 23, 2021, EC went to court, was arraigned, and her case was continued. EC contacted and retained Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover.

Attorney Lewin immediately obtained all the bodycam and dashcam and station videos. The videos were excellent and showed EC to stand straight and walk straight and talk perfectly. Attorney Lewin told EC that she should take her case to trial. While at the concert EC had bumped into a friend (who was also a nurse) and the two of them had spent the evening at the concert together. The friend would be a very good witness who could (and did) testify that EC was sober all evening and was sober when she left the concert. Attorney Lewin met (via zoom) with EC and her witness twice in the week leading up to the trial. EC and her witness were thoroughly prepared to testify and to answer any questions the DA may ask.

On April 26, 2022 EC, Attorney Lewin, and the witness appeared at Newburyport District Court for EC’s trial. Because the evidence of her innocence was so strong EC opted for a trial by Judge. The case proceeded to trial and the Judge found EC NOT guilty. As EC and Attorney Lewin were leaving the Newburyport District Courthouse, EC gave Attorney Lewin a big hug and thank you! It doesn’t get much better.

JT, a 27 year old strikingly handsome black male, was in a romantic relationship with BN, a 36 year old very handsome white male. The two men looked as if they had come out of central casting for the bachelorette. JT broke off the relationship and BN did not take well to the break up. On May 24, 2021 BN went over to Newburyport District Court and obtained an “ex-parte” abuse prevention order against JT. An ex-parte order is an emergency order where the Judge hears only from the party seeking the order. The person against whom the order is sought does not know of the proceedings and is not present. On that same day, the Methuen Police served the order on JT at his parents home in Methuen. On the next day, May 25, 2021, after work, JT drove up to Newburyport District Court just before it closed at 4:30 and obtained a copy of the the papers from the restraining order case. JT then returned home arriving home shortly after 5:00 PM. JT remained at home the rest of the evening. At about 7:45 pm that same evening the police showed up at JT’s house and arrested him for violating the abuse prevention order that had been issued the day before. BN had claimed that JT was following him late that afternoon at a park in Boxford.

Unfortunately for BN, but fortunately for JT, JT’s cell phone tracks his whereabouts. The GPS trazcking data showed that JT had driven from Methuen to Newburyport and then from Newburyport back to Methuen with no side trips to Boxford. The GPS tracking data also showed that JT was in his home thereafter and did not leave and did not go to Boxford.

JT had hired a lawyer (not Attorney Lewin) and his case just sat. The communication between JT and the other lawyer was not good. Finally, JT sought out new counsel. JT met with and retained Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover. Attorney Lewin thoroughly reviewed and organized all the GPS data. Attorney Lewin thoroughly reviewed all the factual details with JT. Attorney Lewin interviewed JT’s family members who could testify that he was at home that evening.

DM, an 80 year old male resident at an elderly housing facility in Haverhill was accused of assaulting DI, a 72 year old female resident at the same facility. DM was walking in the hallway of the facility and opened a window in the hallway to get some fresh air into the hallway. DI, whose room was slightly down the hallway from the window, did not want the window open and closed the window. DI claimed that DM then choked her to get her away from the window which he then reopened. DI went to her room and called 911. The police responded to the facility and interviewed both parties. DM denied choking DI. DM told the police that DI had assaulted him. DM did tell the police that after DI closed the window he reopened the window purposely to aggravate DI. The police filed an application for a criminal complaint against DM at Haverhill District Court seeking a complaint of Assault & Battery on an Elderly Person. DM has a daughter who assists DM with his affairs. DM’s daughter contacted Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover.  Attorney Lewin set up a zoom conference with DM and his daughter and took a complete statement of the facts from DM and thoroughly discussed the case with them. DM and his daughter retained Attorney Lewin.

DM’s daughter and DM himself were both extremely helpful to Attorney Lewin in preparing a defense to the charge. DM’s daughter furnished Attorney Lewin with photographs of the window and hallway and of DM (and his walker). These photographs would prove to be very helpful later. DM himself furnished Attorney Lewin with his medical records showing that DM had only a 2% use of his right hand and a 22% use of his left hand making it almost impossible for DM to have “choked” DI. In addition DI had been involved in two similar incidents in which DI had exhibited aggressive behavior toward another resident.  Attorney Lewin was able to secure the paperwork on those prior incidents.

On September 14, 2022 all the parties appeared via zoom for a Clerk-Magistrate Hearing before the Clerk-Magistrate at Haverhill District Court. Present on the zoom were Attorney Lewin, DM, DM’s daughter, the Haverhill Police Prosecutor, DI, and DI’s sister.  Attorney Lewin presented (electronically) to the Clerk-Magistrate the photographs of the window, the hallway, and of DM himself with his walker. Attorney Lewin also presented to the Clerk-Magistrate DM’s medical records showing his disability. Attorney Lewin also presented to the Clerk-Magistrate the incident reports showing that DI herself had on prior occasions acted belligerently towards another resident at the facility.

On March 3, 2018, SS, a then NH resident was arrested by the Methuen Police after they observed SS engage in a drug transaction. At the time of his arrest SS had 22.8 grams of fentanyl and 7.3 grams of crack cocaine on his person. He was charged with Trafficking Fentanyl (more than 10 grams) and Possession of Class B (the crack cocaine). The trafficking charge carried a state prison sentence of up to 20 years. The Lawrence District Court appointed a lawyer to represent SS. The DA’s Office did not want to take the case to Superior Court so the DA reduced the Trafficking charge to Possession with Intent to Distribute. SS insisted the drugs were for his own personal use. The DA would not agree to reduce the charge. SS went on the run for three years; however, he made good use of the three years. SS moved to Florida and went into a residential drug treatment program. He spent one full year in the program and came out of the program completely drug free. And he got himself a good job. In September 2021, SS returned to court. The warrant against him was recalled and he proceeded ahead with the court appointed lawyer. The DA would not agree to reduce the fentanyl charge to simple possession. The case lingered in court.

Finally in June of 2022, SS met with (via zoom) and retained Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover.

Attorney Lewin explained to SS that he had two choices: (1) He could take the case to trial or (2) He could plead guilty. Attorney explained that if SS went to trial, SS would clearly be found guilty of Possession of Fentanyl and Possession of the Crack Cocaine. Attorney Lewin felt that the chances were good that SS would not be found guilty of the “intent to distribute” portion of the charge. If he went to trial he would have to live with convictions on the two possession charges. Attorney Lewin further explained to SS that if SS pleaded to the two charges there was a good chance that the two charges could be “continued without a finding” and then dismissed. SS chose to plead to the two charges.

CC, a 42 year old disc jockey, lived with his girl friend in his condo in North Andover. On February 3, 2022 CC and his girlfriend got into an argument. They each accused the other of texting romantically with other people. The girlfriend went nuts. She threw CC’s iPhone off the third floor balcony of the condo . She attacked CC. CC got out his cell phone and began to record his girlfriend which aggravated her even more. Finally the girlfriend called 911. The police arrived. She told them he had strangled her. He got arrested. The next morning he was brought to Lawrence District Court and was ordered held without bail. His lawyer at the time appealed the bail to Superior Court. In the Superior Court he was released to 24 hour lockdown at his home on GPS. Inexplicably, the lawyer originally representing CC at his arraignment and bail hearings never showed the Court the videos that CC had. The lawyer was aware of the videos and had seen them, but he never played them at either of CC’s bail hearings. Had he shown them to the Judges it is very likely that CC would never have been confined to his home for 3 months.CC searched for a new lawyer. CC contacted Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover. Because CC could not leave his house, Attorney Lewin went to CC’s condo in North Andover. CC liked what he saw in Attorney Lewin and retained Attorney Lewin.

Attorney Lewin reviewed the videos that CC had captured on his iPhone. They were terrific. The videos showed the girlfriend attacking CC and he kept telling her to stop and to leave. The videos also captured the girlfriend’s 911 call to the police in which she never says that he strangled her. In court discovery, Attorney Lewin furnished copies of the videos to the DA. The case was set down for trial on May 20, 2022. CC and Attorney Lewin had had two lengthy trial prep sessions in the week leading up to the trial. On May 20, 2022 Attorney Lewin and CC appeared at court ready for trial.  Attorney Lewin informed the Judge that the girlfriend had committed several criminal offenses: Malicious Destruction of Property (smashing CC’s iPhone) and Assault & Battery (striking CC as shown on the video). The Judge appointed a lawyer to advise the girlfriend of her Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate herself. Attorney Lewin showed the court appointed lawyer the videos. Ultimately the girlfriend gave up and refused to testify. The charges against CC were dismissed; the GPS bracelet was removed; and he walked out of the Courthouse a free man.

CC and his family all gave Attorney Lewin a big hug! Trial preparation is critical to winning in criminal court.

UE, a 21 year old male college student, had worked with ND, a female in her mid-twenties, for a number of summers. In the summer of 2021 UE was let go from his work due to a poor performance review he had been given by ND. That poor performance review festered in UE’s mind for almost a year. In May of 2022 UE began sending ND and her superiors at the place of work a disturbing barrage of angry text messages. The messages threatened to accuse ND and her superiors of various crimes. The messages referred to ND using the “C” word and were laced with profanity. ND went to court and obtained an emergency harassment prevention order against UE. The order was served on UE and was scheduled for a hearing in Haverhill District Court on June 30, 2022.

UE’s parents contacted Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover. Attorney Lewin met with UE and his parents via zoom. UE’s parents retained Attorney Lewin. UE sent Attorney Lewin all the text messages that he had sent to ND and her superiors. The texts were disturbing; but Attorney Lewin noticed that the texts did not contain any threats to physically harm ND or to physically harm her property. Attorney Lewin explained to UE and his parents that the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts had ruled that in order to grant an harassment prevention order based on fear, the person seeking the order must prove that they had been placed in fear of physical harm or fear of physical damage to property.

On June 30, 2022 (only four days after being retained) Attorney Lewin and UE and his parents appeared in Haverhill District Court. ND was also present. The case was called and ND got up and told the Judge about all the messages and gave the Judge a folder of all the text messages printed out. The Judge read the messages. The Judge turned to Attorney Lewin and asked if Attorney Lewin wanted to question ND. Attorney Lewin responded “I have just two questions”. Attorney Lewin turned toward ND and asked her if UE had ever threatened to cause her physical harm,. ND replied no. Attorney Lewin asked her if UE had ever threatened to physically harm her property. ND replied no.

On February 17, 2022, AZ (not the person’s real initials), a 29 year old carpenter foreman for a large construction company, drove to Andover to purchase heroin. He drove to the parking lot of a popular business off Route 93 – a parking lot that is well known to the Andover PD and the State Police as a place where drug transactions are often completed. AZ, then having spoken to his supplier on the phone, drove to a large apartment complex (in Andover) and purchased a small quantity of heroin. AZ then returned to the parking lot (!) and prepared to ingest (by snorting). A plain clothes police officer observed all of AZ’s comings and goings. The officer had actually followed AZ from the parking lot to the apartment complex and then back to the parking lot. The officer then approached the passenger side and looked in (NOT illegal). The Officer saw AZ looking down at his knees. The police report reads: “I observed in plain view, AZ holding a small cut orange straw and had a clear hard plastic object on his lap area that held a visible line of tan powder”.  The police had conversation with AZ, seized the drugs, but sent AZ on his way and told him he would receive paperwork to go to court.  Shortly thereafter, unbeknownst to AZ, the DEA came in and arrested AZ’s supplier at the apartment complex.

AZ had a prior arrest for Possession of Heroin in NH and could not afford a conviction here in MA.

AZ consulted with and retained Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover. Attorney Lewin explained to AZ  that Attorney Lewin would take care of the case and that it was AZ’s job to get off the Heroin. AZ sought out a counselor for depression and went cold turkey getting off the Heroin. Attorney Lewin advocated on AZ’s behalf with the Andover PD.

AU, a 24 year old architect, moved from Wisconsin to North Reading, MA in early 2021. On December 10, 2021, AU was involved in an accident in Peabody. The police responded to the scene and AU produced his Wisconsin license. When the police asked how long he had been living in MA, AU responded that he had been in MA since the beginning of the year. The police cited AU for unlicensed operation. AU’s work involves certain security clearances and he could not afford to have a criminal record.

AU consulted with and retained Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover. AU immediately went to the Registry (RMV) and got a MA license. AU also immediately requested a Clerk-Magistrate hearing.

Attorney Lewin went over to the Peabody District Courthouse and met personally with the Peabody Police Prosecutor. Attorney Lewin showed the prosecutor that AU had obtained a MA license.

On December 19, 2020 SK,  a 31 year old mechanic and tow truck driver, drove to his girl-friend’s house in Essex, MA after finishing a 27 hour work shift in a snowstorm. When he arrived he saw that the driveway had not been plowed and there was a large “wall” of snow at the edge of the road blocking the driveway. He pulled his van across the road across the edge of the driveway (facing into oncoming traffic). He called a friend who was a plow operator to come plow the driveway. He then fell asleep with the van running. A police car on patrol happened along. The police stopped and went over to the Defendant’s van. The officer knocked on the window. SK did not wake up. The officer then banged on the door and SK still did not awake. The officer then shook the van and pounded on the door and SK finally awoke. According to the officer the van was in drive and started to pull forward. The officer was able to get the van to stop. According to the officer SK appeared under the influence of something. The officer did not smell any odor of alcohol. SK told the officer he was just waiting for the plow guy to plow the driveway. At this point SK’s “girlfriend” came out of the house and told the police she did not want SK in the house and that he was a Xanax user. The police ordered SK out of the van and had him perform certain tests. The officer described SK as disoriented with slurred speech and glassy eyes. The officer wrote in his report that SK failed the road side tests. The police arrested SK and charged him with OUI-Drugs. SK went to court and was appointed a lawyer. For 11 months the case languished in Court. Finally, in October of 2021, SK consulted with and retained Attorney Robert Lewin of Andover.

Attorney Lewin immediately went to work and obtained from the police the videos (the previous lawyer had not obtained the videos). There were no body worn camera videos but there was a dashcam video. That dashcam video was about 30 minutes long. For 29 minutes and 40 seconds it just was a fixed picture of the snow falling. The police could be seen walking about. SK could not be seen. In the final 20 seconds of the video, SK can be seen walking handcuffed to the side of a cruiser door and then getting into the cruiser. SK was perfect. He walked briskly. He stood straight. He walked straight. No weaving. No stumbling. No unsteadiness. He enters the cruiser (handcuffed behind his back) unaided and with no difficulty. That 20 seconds of video was a goldmine.

No blood tests had been taken of SK and he made no statements concerning the consumption of any drugs. No drugs were found on his person or in the van. In an OUI-Drugs case the Commonwealth must prove the particular drug that the Defendant had consumed. Attorney Lewin filed a Motion to compel the Commonwealth to specify the alleged drug. The Commonwealth, relying on the “girlfriend’s” statement alleged that SK was under the influence of Xanax.

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