TL, a police officer at a nearby university, lived in a second floor condo with his girlfriend in North Andover. A woman with a young child lived above TL in her own condo. TL worked nights and slept during a portion of the day. The noise coming from upstairs was extremely bothersome to TL. According to the upstairs neighbor TL would bang on the walls and yell profanity upstairs for the noise to stop.  This yelling and banging, according to the upstairs tenant, went on for months and frightened the tenant. On October 16, 2022 the upstairs tenant came down to the second floor and knocked on TL’s door. TL answered the door and an argument ensued. According to the upstairs tenant, TL grabbed her by the neck and shoved her up against the wall. TL’s girlfriend separated them. The upstairs tenant went back upstairs and called the police. The tenant was granted an emergency Harassment Prevention Order with a court date of October 31, 2022. TL sought out a lawyer and met with and hired Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover.

Attorney Lewin immediately spotted a  big hole in the Harassment Prevention Order case against TL. The law requires that there be 3 or more separate events of harassment before an order can be granted. In her Affidavit the tenant wrote a great deal about the alleged assault on October 16, 2022. She described other incidents where TL had yelled from his unit and has used profanity. Attorney Lewin had prepared and filed a Memorandum for the Judge to read. In his Memorandum Attorney Lewin stressed the requirement that there be THREE separate acts of willful and malicious conduct.

On October 31, 2022 Attorney Lewin, TL, TL’s girlfriend, and the upstairs tenant all appeared in Lawrence District Court for the hearing on whether or not the Harassment Prevention Order should be extended. The Judge immediately picked up on the issue that Attorney Lewin had raised in his Memorandum and the Judge questioned the tenant about any incidents other than the alleged assault on October 16, 2022.

JS, a 49 year old businessman from Essex County, was in a romantic dating relationship with CW, a 39 year old businesswoman also from Essex County. They began dating in 2015. In 2016 CW accused JS of Assault by means of a Dangerous Weapon, two counts of Assault & Battery, and one count of Grand Larceny. At that time JS consulted with and hired Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover to defend him against those charges. Attorney Lewin fully prepared that case for trial and on December 13, 2016 the case was called for trial. CW failed to appear and all the charges against JS were dismissed. Foolishly, JS took up again with CW and CW (and her young daughter) moved into JS’s house. For the next four years JS and CW lived together (with CW’s daughter). JS’s two sons (with whom he shared custody with his ex-wife) also spent a great deal of time at the house.

In April 2022, JS and CW broke up. On November 4, 2022 CW went into Newburyport District Court and obtained an ex-parte Abuse Prevention Order against JS. (An ex-parte order is an order that is granted by a judge after hearing only from the person seeking the order.) The order was served by the police on JS and had a hearing date of November 14, 2022. JS immediately called Attorney Robert Lewin and again hired Attorney Lewin to defend him against this Abuse Prevention Order.

JS was a terrific client and furnished Attorney Lewin with several years worth of emails and text messages and photographs that showed that CW was never afraid of JS and that they had had a loving relationship. She claimed in her application for the Abuse Prevention Order that he abused her over the years and that she lived in fear on him. The EVIDENCE showed that her claims were untrue.

On September 3, 2022 NB, a 19 year old college student from Lawrence, drove to the Wendy’s at the Loop in Methuen. It was close to 11:00 pm at night and there was a large gathering of young people in front of the theatre. NB was going a little too fast for the liking of the police and he got pulled over. When he put the window down the police spotted an open can of beer in the center console next to NB. The police ordered NB out of the car. A series of field sobriety tests was administered to NB and he passed them with flying colors. He had had nothing to drink. The police cited him for the open container violation. NB requested a hearing.

NB (and his father) consulted with and hired Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover. It turns out that NB’s father had been working on the car and had put an open beer in the cup holder while he was working on the car. When he finished working on the car he left the can of beer in the cup holder. When NB took the car later that night to go to Wendy’s he did not notice the can.

On November 15, 2022, NB and his father and Attorney Lewin appeared at Lawrence District Court for the Clerk-Magistrate Hearing. The police prosecutor from Methuen was present at the hearing. The police prosecutor read the citation but had no other report from which he could recite the facts as to what actually happened. When the Police Prosecutor was done the Clerk-Magistrate looked at Attorney Lewin and asked what if anything he had to say. Attorney Lewin smiled and said to the prosecutor “I know when to keep my mouth shut. The police did not present any narrative or evidence as to what had happened; therefore NB is entitled to be found NOT Responsible.” The Clerk-Magistrate then turned to NB and said to him: “Today is your lucky day. I find you NOT Responsible.” NB and his Dad left the courthouse thrilled.

On August 18, 2020, EA, a 23 year old metal polisher, was pulled over by the state police in Methuen. His front driver side and passenger side windows appeared too dark for the trooper. The trooper got out his measuring device and measured the amount of tint. The trooper cited EA for excessive tint. EA requested a hearing. EA had previously retained Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover for a hit and run charge which Attorney Lewin successfully defended. EA again consulted with and hired Attorney Lewin to defend against this charge.

On November 15, 2022, Attorney Lewin and EA appeared at Lawrence District Court for a clerk-magistrate hearing. The State Police were present. The Trooper testified that he measured the tint on the windows with his device and the tint was 23%. Attorney Lewin asked the Trooper one question. What is the legal limit for a lawful tint? The Trooper looked at Attorney Lewin and at the Clerk-Magistrate; the Trooper smiled; and then said “I don’t know!!” Attorney Lewin turned to the Clerk-Magistrate and before Attorney Lewin could ask for a not responsible finding the Clerk-Magistrate marked the court papers NOT responsible.

The case was simple enough; but it shows that Attorney Lewin was on his toes and picked up immediately on the missing piece in the case. EA who has a lengthy record and who needed to beat this ticket to get his license back was thrilled. (EA’s case was the first of two Motor Vehicle Clerk Hearings that Attorney Lewin had on November 15, 2022 both of which Attorney Lewin won.)

On September 17, 2021 LP, a 70 year old woman, was driving in Medfield. She came to an intersection and stopped. There was a pedestrian cross walk in front of her. She looked to her right and saw two girls standing on the sidewalk. According to the Medfield Police Department report the girls stated they were waiting at the crosswalk to go across the street. The girls stated LP’s car was stopped at the crosswalk and the driver waived the girls to go ahead to cross the street. The girls stated that as they walked in front of the car they heard the engine start up and the car pulled ahead, striking one of the girls so that she fell onto the hood of the car. The girls then said the driver shrugged her shoulders and drove away. The girls got the plate number of the car.

The police located the car just down the street; it was parked. LP was in the driver’s seat. LP told the police that she did not strike either of the girls. LP said she saw the girls to her right and they were just standing there. LP looked to her left to see if she could pull into the traffic. LP wanted to make a right turn at the intersection. A truck driver approaching from her left waived LP out. LP then proceeded ahead. LP then saw one of the girls in front of her car and immediately hit the brake. LP denied striking the girl.

The police gave LP a citation for leaving the scene after causing personal injury. LP had a relationship with a large Boston Law firm that was doing some civil law work for her. The firm referred LP to Attorney Robert Lewin of Andover. LP consulted with and hired Attorney Lewin. Attorney Lewin immediately advised LP to take the citation and request a clerk-magistrate hearing at Dedham District Court. LP did that. Attorney Lewin then contacted LP’s insurance company to see if any personal injury claim had been filed against LP by the girl who claimed to have been hit by LP. Attorney Lewin learned from her insurance company that no claim had been filed. Attorney Lewin also immediately obtained the police reports. Attorney Lewin investigated to see if there were any video cameras that may have captured this incident; there were not.

In 1987 SN was convicted in NH of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Minor. He was given probation. In 1999 he was convicted again of aggravated sexual assault of a minor and was sentenced to 9-18 years in NH State Prison. He served his time, was paroled, and successfully completed his parole. He was living in NH and was fully registered under the NH Sex Offender Registration Law.  SN’s wife founded and opened a church in Massachusetts in a town in Essex County. SN would come down from NH to preach at the church on Sundays. He did this on a volunteer basis without any pay. A private citizen did some research on SN and discovered that he was a convicted sex offender in NH. In July of 2022 she notified the local police.

The local police confirmed his two convictions in NH for sex offenses and they confirmed that he was registered as a sex offender in NH. They confirmed with the Massachusetts SORB (Sex Offender Registry Board) that he was not registered in Massachusetts. Massachusetts Law requires that if you live in MA or if you are employed in MA or if you go to school on MA and if you are a convicted sex offender (in any state) then you must register in MA. The police called SN in for an interrogation. The police asked about his position at the church. He said he was a pastor at the church and came down on Sundays to preach – something he enjoyed doing and for which he received no compensation. The police charged SN with Failing to Register in Haverhill District Court.

The statute reads as follows: ” ..a sex offender residing or working in the commonwealth or working at or attending an institution of higher learning in the commonwealth, shall … register”. The legal question raised in SN’s case is: :Does doing volunteer preaching without pay constitute working? At first blush, most people would say that in order to be considered “working” one must get paid. The Sex Offender Registration Statute, however, and the Code of Massachusetts Regulations defines work as “employment … whether compensated or uncompensated“.

You could not make this one up. On April 10, 2022 a husband and wife were driving a large tractor trailer truck south on I-495 in Haverhill. The wife was driving and her husband was sitting next to her. The wife noticed a car pull along side the truck on the driver’s side. The wife looked over and saw what appeared to be a woman, wearing a skirt, touching herself over her skirt and her breasts were fully exposed. The woman told her husband and her husband got out his cell phone and took a video of the woman fondling her breasts and touching herself over her skirt. The car ultimately passed the truck and the husband got a photo of the car and its license plate. The couple called the state police and told the police what happened and gave the police the plate number of the car. The State Police ran the plate and discovered the car was registered in Haverhill. The police went to the Haverhill address and the car was there and the engine was still warm. The police knocked on the door and MN came to the door. MN was a 44 year old male. The police asked MN if he was alone. He said yes. The police asked if there was a woman in the house. He said no. The police asked if anyone had driven his car that night and MN said no. The police asked MN if he had driven the car earlier and he said yes. The police left.

Shortly thereafter the husband and wife who had been in the truck sent to the State Police the video that they had taken. The police obtained a criminal complaint against MN for open and gross lewdness in Haverhill District Court. MN consulted with and retained Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover, MA. Attorney Lewin has an enviable record of successfully defending all types of sex offenses.

On August 3, 2022 MN was arraigned. Following his arraignment Attorney Lewin prepared and filed a Motion to Dismiss the case.  In order to prove the crime of Open & Gross Lewdness the first element of the crime that the state must prove is that the accused “exposed his or her, genitals, buttocks, or female breasts” to one or more persons. That is exactly what the law requires the state to prove as the first element of the crime. In this case, however, there was NO evidence that MN exposed his genitals. There was NO evidence that MN exposed his buttocks. Male breasts are not included, only female breasts. A female is generally defined as “the sex which conceives and give birth to young”. MN is a male and has no ability to either conceive or give birth to young. Attorney Lewin set this all out in his Motion to Dismiss the case.

On January 11, 2022, DC, a 23 year old laborer from Methuen, was driving home in his large pick-up truck. He drifted across the road and collided head on into a small car headed in the opposite direction. DC did not stop but kept on driving towards his home. DC pulled into the parking lot of the apartment complex where he lived. Within minutes the police arrived. DC admitted that he had hit the other vehicle and fled the scene. The police cited DC for a marked lanes violation and leaving the scene of a property damage accident. DC met with and retained Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover to represent him.

Attorney Lewin contacted DC’s insurance company to make certain that the insurance company promptly paid any claims made by the owner of the other vehicle (a young woman). Attorney Lewin met with the Assistant District Attorney to negotiate a settlement of the case. DC did not want to lose his license. If the case were to end up with a guilty finding DC would have lost his license for a minimum of 60 days. Attorney Lewin was successful in getting the District Attorney to agree to continue the case without a finding for six months; a continuance without a finding would NOT involve any loss of license.

On June 14, 2022 DC and Attorney Lewin appeared in Lawrence District Court. The Judge after hearing from the Assistant District Attorney and Attorney Lewin agreed to continue DC’s case without a finding for six months to December 14, 2022. As long as DC stays out of trouble for those six months, the case will be dismissed on December 14, 2022 and DC will NOT suffer any loss of his license. In addition, because Attorney Lewin had contacted the insurance company early on, Attorney Lewin was able to furnish the District Attorney and the judge with proof that DC’s insurance company had fully paid for the damage to the other vehicle; as a result, the Judge ordered that DC did NIOT have to pay any restitution.

On September 22, 2021, EC, a 33 year old Registered Nurse, attended an evening concert at the Hampton Beach Casino. Over the span of about 4 hours she had two drinks. At about 1:30 AM on the morning of September 23, 2021, she left the concert, got into her car, and headed home to Cambridge. She was very low on gas and sought the nearest gas station on her GPS. The GPS directed her down Route 1 South to a gas station. When she arrived the station was closed. Her GPS then directed her to a gas station further down Route 1 South.  She came to the intersection of Route 1 and Route 133 by the Agawam Diner in Rowley and her car ran out of gas. EC got on her cell phone and called AAA. While she was on the phone with AAA the Rowley Police arrived on scene. Everything thereafter was captured on the bodycam and dashcam videos. The police pushed EC’s car off the highway into the parking lot of the diner. The police could smell an odor of alcohol coming from EC and had her exit her car. A series of field sobriety tests were performed (all captured on the videos). The police arrested EC and she was transported to the station. In the station she was booked and the entire booking was captured on the video. On the morning of September 23, 2021, EC went to court, was arraigned, and her case was continued. EC contacted and retained Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover.

Attorney Lewin immediately obtained all the bodycam and dashcam and station videos. The videos were excellent and showed EC to stand straight and walk straight and talk perfectly. Attorney Lewin told EC that she should take her case to trial. While at the concert EC had bumped into a friend (who was also a nurse) and the two of them had spent the evening at the concert together. The friend would be a very good witness who could (and did) testify that EC was sober all evening and was sober when she left the concert. Attorney Lewin met (via zoom) with EC and her witness twice in the week leading up to the trial. EC and her witness were thoroughly prepared to testify and to answer any questions the DA may ask.

On April 26, 2022 EC, Attorney Lewin, and the witness appeared at Newburyport District Court for EC’s trial. Because the evidence of her innocence was so strong EC opted for a trial by Judge. The case proceeded to trial and the Judge found EC NOT guilty. As EC and Attorney Lewin were leaving the Newburyport District Courthouse, EC gave Attorney Lewin a big hug and thank you! It doesn’t get much better.

JT, a 27 year old strikingly handsome black male, was in a romantic relationship with BN, a 36 year old very handsome white male. The two men looked as if they had come out of central casting for the bachelorette. JT broke off the relationship and BN did not take well to the break up. On May 24, 2021 BN went over to Newburyport District Court and obtained an “ex-parte” abuse prevention order against JT. An ex-parte order is an emergency order where the Judge hears only from the party seeking the order. The person against whom the order is sought does not know of the proceedings and is not present. On that same day, the Methuen Police served the order on JT at his parents home in Methuen. On the next day, May 25, 2021, after work, JT drove up to Newburyport District Court just before it closed at 4:30 and obtained a copy of the the papers from the restraining order case. JT then returned home arriving home shortly after 5:00 PM. JT remained at home the rest of the evening. At about 7:45 pm that same evening the police showed up at JT’s house and arrested him for violating the abuse prevention order that had been issued the day before. BN had claimed that JT was following him late that afternoon at a park in Boxford.

Unfortunately for BN, but fortunately for JT, JT’s cell phone tracks his whereabouts. The GPS trazcking data showed that JT had driven from Methuen to Newburyport and then from Newburyport back to Methuen with no side trips to Boxford. The GPS tracking data also showed that JT was in his home thereafter and did not leave and did not go to Boxford.

JT had hired a lawyer (not Attorney Lewin) and his case just sat. The communication between JT and the other lawyer was not good. Finally, JT sought out new counsel. JT met with and retained Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover. Attorney Lewin thoroughly reviewed and organized all the GPS data. Attorney Lewin thoroughly reviewed all the factual details with JT. Attorney Lewin interviewed JT’s family members who could testify that he was at home that evening.

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