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In 2013 MC, then a 40 year old female, racked up 4 larceny cases in Lowell District Court (3 of them felonies) and 1 felony larceny case in Woburn District Court. In 2013 she got all the cases resolved with a probationary term. She failed to comply with all the terms of probation: she did not report to probation, she did not submit to drug and alcohol testing, and she did not pay her court fees and fines. All five cases went into warrant status. She was “on the run”: for the last 11 years. She got tired of running and not having a driver license.

On May 15, 2024 she called Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover. They had a lengthy conference on the phone. Attorney Lewin was able to view all her cases online. Attorney Lewin could see the following:

  • MC had truly rehabilitated herself.

In May of 2021, AM, a 41 year old cleaner, got pulled over by the Methuen Police and was cited for Operating After Suspension, Operating an Uninsured and Unregistered Motor Vehicle, Wrongfully Attaching Plates, and Failing to Stop. AM changed addresses and never received the summons to go to Lawrence District Court and a warrant was issued for his arrest. AM  forgot about the case and when he went to renew his license he was told he had a warrant in Lawrence District Court. AM became concerned that he would get picked up on the warrant and held. He sought out an attorney. AM spoke with and retained Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover.

AM wanted to go into court immediately to get the warrant cleared. On January 20, 2022 AM and Attorney Lewin went into Lawrence District Court at 8:30 AM. Attorney Lewin went into the Clerk-Magistrate’s Office and had the case put on the Court List for hearing that day. Attorney Lewin brought AM into the probation office where probation did an intake interview. Attorney Lewin then spoke with the Assistant District Attorney in charge of the Lawrence office. After speaking the with Assistant DA, an agreement was reached where all the charges would be dismissed on the payment of $300.00 in court costs.

Shortly before 10:00 AM the case was called. The Judge ordered the outstanding warrant cancelled. The Judge asked Attorney Lewin and the Assistant DA if the case could be resolved. Attorney Lewin told the Judge the parties had reached an agreement for the criminal charges to be dismissed upon the payment of $300 in Court Costs. The Judge adopted the agreement. So, less than 2 hours after AM and Attorney Lewin entered the courthouse the warrant was gone and the cases were dismissed.

On October 6, 2020, JG, a 25 year old man from Brazil, was stopped by the Danvers Police and issued a citation for Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle. Her ignored the citation. He and his wife left the country and when they tried to return they were stopped at the Canadian Border and were denied entry back into the US. The reason: he had a warrant in Salem District Court for that unlicensed operation. JG called Salem District Court and was told he had to come back or he had to get a lawyer and see if the lawyer could resolve the case for him. JG spoke with Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover. On On Friday, December 31. 2021 JG paid Attorney Lewin’s legal fee by wire transfer from Canada. On the next business day, Monday, January 3, 2022 Attorney Lewin went over to Salem District Court to obtain all the court papers and speak with the DA’s Office. After reviewing the Court papers and the police report Attorney Lewin felt this was a case that could be settled immediately. Attorney Lewin requested that the case be sent into the Courtroom and the Clerk-Magistrate agreed and sent the case in to be heard by the Judge. Attorney Lewin spoke with the District Attorney who agreed to dismiss the case.

The case was called and Attorney Lewin explained to the Judge that his client was in Canada and could not get back into the US because of the warrant. Attorney Lewin explained to the Judge that the DA had agreed to dismiss the case. Attorney L:ewin requested that the dismissal be entered prior to arraignment. The Judge agreed and within two hours of Attorney Lewin’s arrival at the Court the case was called, the warrant was cancelled, and the case was dismissed prior to arraignment and JG never left his apartment in Canada!

When a case is dismissed prior to arraignment no criminal record is created and no entry is made in the statewide criminal offender record information (CORI) system. Needless to say JG was a happy client.

In 2015 , AS, then 55 years old, was convicted of Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon (a felony) and Assault and Battery on a Household Member, Subsequent Offense in Haverhill District Court. He was sentenced to 22 months in the House of Correction in Middleton.  AS served his time and upon release from the House of Correction he immediately moved to South Carolina. Because he was convicted of a felony, Massachusetts law required that he give a DNA Sample. AS never gave a DNA sample. In 2021, the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles informed AS that they would not renew his license because he had an outstanding warrant in Massachusetts. AS contacted Massachusetts and learned that there was a warrant outstanding in Haverhill District Court on a criminal complaint for failing to give a DNA sample. AS consulted with and retained Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover. Attorney Lewin told AS that if they could arrange for AS to give a DNA sample in South Carolina for Massachusetts that Attorney Lewin may be able to get the warrant cleared and the criminal charge dismissed without AS having to come to MA.

Attorney Lewin immediately contacted the DNA lab at MA State Police Headquarters. Attorney Lewin also was able to determine the South Carolina State Agency in charge of DNA samples in the county where AS lived. Attorney Lewin was successful in getting the MA State Police Lab to send a DNA kit to the South Carolina DNA Agency. AS went in to the agency in South Carolina and gave the DNA sample and South Carolina then sent the DNA kit to MA. AS also had to pay the $110.00 DNA fee to MA. Attorney Lewin then obtained written confirmation that AS was now in full compliance with the DNA Law.

Attorney Lewin then prepared and filed in Haverhill District Court a Motion to Waive AS’s physical appearance in Court, cancel the warrant, and dismiss the case. On November 23, 2021 Attorney Lewin appeared in Haverhill District Court. AS was present on the zoom from South Carolina. Attorney Lewin had spoken with the Assistant District Attorney before the Court hearing and had given the Assistant DA a copy of the written confirmation that AS was in full compliance with the DNA law. When the case was called Attorney Lewin explained that AS was now in full compliance with the law. The Judge granted Attorney Lewin’s request that AS could appear  by zoom. The Judge ordered the warrant cancelled and the case dismissed.

On Wednesday, July 28, 2021 Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover received a phone call from AL, a 48 year old gentleman from Florida. AL told Attorney Lewin that Florida had suspended his license because AL’s right to drive in Massachusetts was suspended due to a 29 year old warrant out of Gardner District Court. Attorney Lewin told Al that Attorney Lewin would call Gardner District Court to see what the warrant was all about. Attorney Lewin called the Court and learned that in 1992 AL had been arrested and charged with the following offenses in Gardner:

  • Operating After Suspension of his License
  • Giving a False Name to a Police Officer

MT, is a building and roofing contractor. He is now (April of 2021) age 57.

  • In 1994 he took a $5,350.00 deposit from a customer in Andover, MA but did not do the work. He was charged by the police with Grand Larceny. In 1994 he went to Lawrence District Court, was found guilty, and was ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $5,350.00. He failed to make the payment and a default warrant issued for his arrest.
  • In 2015 he took a $4,000.00 deposit from a couple in Chelmsford, MA but did not do the work. The police charged him with Grand Larceny and a straight warrant for his arrest was issued by Lowell District Court. (A straight warrant simply means the court did not summons him; rather than a summons the court issued a “straight” warrant.)

In July of 2019, SM, a 23 year old woman was pulled over by the Wakefield Police. The police had done a random scan/query of the registration plate on her car and it came back as revoked due to insurance cancellation. When the police asked for her license it turns out that her right to operate in Massachusetts had been suspended due to an unpaid speeding ticket.  She was charged with operating an uninsured motor vehicle, operating a vehicle with a revoked registration, and operating after suspension of her right to drive. The Malden Court issued a summons for her to come to court but she claimed never to have received it. A warrant for her arrest was issued by the court.

She stopped driving after that and the car sat in her driveway. In 2021 she contacted and retained Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover wishing to clear things up. Attorney Lewin immediately filed his appearance as her lawyer and that gave him access to all the court papers and the police reports which he immediately obtained. Attorney Lewin explained to SM that if she got the car registered and insured and if she got her right to drive reinstated that that would go a long way toward getting the charges resolved very favorably. SM was a good client. She paid off the old speeding ticket and paid a reinstatement fee for her right to operate and her right to operate was reinstated by the Registry. She also got a new insurance policy and got the car reregistered. Attorney Lewin filed a Motion with the Court to cancel the warrant and dismiss the charges.

On April 1, 2021 Attorney Lewin and SM appeared virtually via zoom in Malden Court (which is in Medford!). Attorney Lewin had filed all the papers from the Registry with the Judge and with the DA to show that SM had taken care of all her issues. The Judge then said that she was ordering the warrant cancelled all the charges against SM dismissed prior to arraignment.

In 2010, SL, a 19 year old exotic dancer was living with another dancer in Fitchburg. They had a falling out and SL moved out and moved down to Florida. Unbeknownst to SL, her former roommate in Fitchburg accused SL of stealing money and a cell phone from the apartment they had shared. The roommate went to the police and the police took out a criminal complaint against SL for Larceny Over $250 (a felony). Because SL was of parts unknown a warrant was issued for her arrest by Fitchburg District Court. Years passed and SL moved to upper New York State. SL went to apply for a driver’s license but was turned down by the NY DMV because her right to drive in Massachusetts was under suspension because of the warrant in Fitchburg District Court. That is when SL first learned of the case in Fitchburg District Court.

SL contacted Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover. After a thorough initial free consultation SL, now age 29, hired Attorney Lewin. Attorney Lewin explained to SL that with a little luck they might be able to get the case favorably resolved without SL having to come to Massachusetts. On February 4, 2021 SL retained Attorney Lewin. Attorney Lewin immediately contacted the Fitchburg District Court and was able to obtain all the court papers and the police report. Attorney Lewin emailed copies to SL and they reviewed them together. SL told Attorney Lewin that she was innocent of the charge and after reading the police report it was clear to Attorney Lewin that the State could not prove the case against SL. Attorney Lewin immediately contacted the DA’s Office and within five days the DA’s Office agreed to dismiss the case without SL having to come to Massachusetts and the court.

On February 17, 2021 Attorney Lewin and SL appeared via Zoom in Fitchburg District Court. Attorney Lewin had prepared and filed a Motion to Cancel the Warrant, Allow the parties to appear via zoom, and Dismiss the case prior to arraignment. After a brief hearing the Judge Ordered the warrant cancelled and the case dismissed prior to arraignment.

VK is a thirty-one year old Marine stationed is California. His work in the marines requires him to have a driver’s license. In 2005 VK was arrested by the Lowell Police for several misdemeanor charges. He never went to court and for 14 years a warrant for his arrest was outstanding. As a result of the warrant the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles suspended his license. In 2019 this suspension of his license finally caught up with VK. VK contacted Attorney Robert Lewin from North Andover and explained his situation. On July 14, 2019 VK retained Attorney Lewin.

Attorney Lewin immediately went over to Lowell District Court and obtained copies of all the papers in VK’s case. Attorney Lewin then prepared a Motion to Waive (Excuse) VK’s personal appearance in Court, to Cancel the warrant, and to dismiss the case. Attorney Lewin met with the Assistant District Attorney and explained that VK was a career marine and needed to get the warrant cleared so that he could remain in the marines and that he did not have the funds to return to MA. The Assistant District Attorney was persuaded by Attorney Lewin’s request and agreed.

On July 16, 2019 (less than 48 hours after being hired) Attorney Lewin went into Lowell District Court. Attorney Lewin had the case brought forward and sent in to the main courtroom. Attorney Lewin went before the Judge and presented the Motion to Waive VK’s personal appearance in Court, cancel the warrant, and dismiss the case. The Assistant District Attorney told the Judge they had no objection. The Judge granted Attorney Lewin’s motion. The warrant was ordered CANCELLED and the case was ordered DISMISSED. The Judge was so impressed with VK’s service history (Attorney Lewin had received that via email from VK and given it to the Judge) that the Judge ordered the case dismissed prior to arraignment. Because the case was dismissed prior to arraignment the case does not go on VK’s criminal record. It is as if it did not happen.

RW, a 57 year old owner of a landscaping/irrigation business in Tennessee, received a notice from the Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles that his Tennessee License was being suspended because Massachusetts had suspended his right to operate a motor vehicle due to an outstanding warrant in a Massachusetts Court. RW needed a license to run his business and to do all the things that we all do with a license. Unfortunately for RW the warrant was a probation violation warrant. Thirty years earlier, in 1987, RW had been found guilty of Larceny Over $250.00 in Cambridge District Court. He was given a 1 year suspended sentence and placed on probation for 2 years and ordered to pay restitution. Now, 30 years later, he was at risk of having that 1 year suspended sentence put into effect. On Tuesday, October 10, 2017 RW called Attorney Robert Lewin in North Andover, MA and explained the situation. Attorney Lewin told RW that he would call him back. Attorney Lewin called the Clerk-Magistrate’s Office and was able to get the details on the case including the bank to whom the restitution was owing. The bank was no longer in business. Attorney Lewin called the probation office at the Court. It turns out that RW’s probation officer from 30 years earlier still worked in the probation department! He was now the Chief Probation Officer. Attorney Lewin explained RW’s situation to the Chief Probation Officer and explained that the bank was no longer in existence. As promised, Attorney Lewin called RW back (that same Tuesday) and explained the situatuion to RW and explained that he felt he could get the warrant canceled and the case resolved without RW coming to Massachusetts. The next day, Wednesday, October 11, 2017, RW hired Attorney Lewin. The following day, less than 24 hours after being retained, Attorney Lewin went to Cambridge District Court and had the case sent into the Courtroom. Attorney Lewin explained to the Judge that the bank was no longer in existence and that the probation office was not looking for any additional sanction. Attorney Lewin explained that RW had left Massachusetts and moved to Tennessee shortly after being placed on probation. Attorney Lewin asked the Judge (a) to waive (excuse) RW’s appearance in court, (b) to allow Attorney Lewin to appear in RW’s absence, (c) to order the warrant canceled, (d) to terminate RW’s probation, and (e) to discharge RW from any further responsibility to the Court. The Judge granted the request and the case was closed.

Attorney Lewin left the courthouse at 9:35 AM and called RW. RW could not believe the news. Attorney Lewin explained to RW that it would take 24 hours for the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles to remove the suspension of RW’s right to drive and an additional 24 hours for that to get entered into the National Driver Registry. Two days later RW walked into the Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles and got his Tennessee License reinstated.

After 42 years of criminal defense practice and 4 years before that as an Assistant District Attorney, Attorney Lewin knew just whom to call and what to say to get the quick and most favorable result possible.

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