On Wednesday, July 28, 2021 Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover received a phone call from AL, a 48 year old gentleman from Florida. AL told Attorney Lewin that Florida had suspended his license because AL’s right to drive in Massachusetts was suspended due to a 29 year old warrant out of Gardner District Court. Attorney Lewin told Al that Attorney Lewin would call Gardner District Court to see what the warrant was all about. Attorney Lewin called the Court and learned that in 1992 AL had been arrested and charged with the following offenses in Gardner:

  • Operating After Suspension of his License
  • Giving a False Name to a Police Officer
  • Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle
  • Operating an Unregistered Motor Vehicle (civil violation)
  • Operating without a License in Possession
  • Marked Lane Violation (civil violation)

Attorney Lewin learned that AL had failed to come to court and a warrant for his arrest had been issued in 1992. Attorney Lewin called AL back that same date and explained the situation in Gardner District Court. Attorney Lewin explained that he felt he could get the case resolved without AL having to come from FL to MA and he felt he could get it done quickly. The next day, Thursday, July 29, 2021, AL electronically transferred the legal fee to Attorney Lewin and Attorney Lewin immediately began to work on the case. On Friday, July 30, 2021 Attorney Lewin spoke with an Assistant DA at Gardner District Court. Attorney Lewin sent the DA the paperwork that Attorney Lewin had been able to get from the Court and pointed out that the case was now 29 years old and there was virtually no possibility of the Commonwealth being able to go forward. On Monday, August 2, 2021 the DA and Attorney Lewin came to an agreement to cancel the warrant and to dismiss all the charges against AL. In addition, Attorney Lewin got the DA to agree that this could all be done while AL remained in his living room in Florida. Attorney Lewin called AL and gave him the good news. AL was amazed that Attorney Lewin had got this agreement done so quickly and so favorably. Attorney Lewin arranged for the case to be put on the Court List for Wednesday, August 4, 2021.

On  Wednesday, August 4, 2021 AL’s case was called in Gardner District Court . AL appeared from his living room in Florida via Zoom. Attorney Lewin appeared from his office in Andover via Zoom. The agreement between the DA’s Office and Attorney Lewin had been reduced to writing and was presented to the Judge. The Judge then took the following action:

  • The Judge ordered the WARRANT CANCELLED
  • The Judge ordered all the Criminal Charges DISMISSED.
  • The Judge ordered that findings of NOT Responsible be entered on the two civil violations.

It was a TOTAL WIN for AL. Later in the day on August 4, 2021 Attorney Lewin called the Clerk’s Office at the Court to make certain that the Court notified the Registry of Motor Vehicles that the warrant had been cancelled and all the charges dismissed. This was very important in order to make sure that AL’s right to operate in Massachusetts could be reinstated. AL then had to pay a reinstatement fee to the Registry – which he did online. The Registry then cleared the suspension on his license. The clearance of the suspension was entered into the National Driver Registry and on Monday, August 16, 2021 AL went into the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles and got his Florida license.

From the day he was hired it took Attorney Lewin four business days to get this 29 year old warrant cancelled and all the charges (civil and criminal) dismissed. AL wrote Attorney Lewin a nice 5 star review and sent Attorney Lewin the following email: “I just wanted to let you now that today I was able to get the Florida license. I was so depressed about the situation, but thanks again for the smooth case.”

Attorney Lewin has had remarkable success in these old warrant cases.

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