Five Warrants in Two Courts – ALL CLEARED IN TWO DAYS

In 2013 MC, then a 40 year old female, racked up 4 larceny cases in Lowell District Court (3 of them felonies) and 1 felony larceny case in Woburn District Court. In 2013 she got all the cases resolved with a probationary term. She failed to comply with all the terms of probation: she did not report to probation, she did not submit to drug and alcohol testing, and she did not pay her court fees and fines. All five cases went into warrant status. She was “on the run”: for the last 11 years. She got tired of running and not having a driver license.

On May 15, 2024 she called Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover. They had a lengthy conference on the phone. Attorney Lewin was able to view all her cases online. Attorney Lewin could see the following:

  • MC had truly rehabilitated herself.
  • MC was working full time and fully supporting herself.
  • MC had not been in any trouble since being placed on probation is 2013.

MC was terrified to go to court. She was convinced the Judges would lock her up for blowing off her probation. Attorney Lewin was confident that he could keep her out of jail and perhaps get all her cases closed. Attorney Lewin was able to determine exactly how much money MC owed to the court and MC had the money.

On May 20, 2024 MC retained Attorney Lewin. To her surprise Attorney Lewin said we are going to Lowell District Court the next day to clear up the 4 warrants in Lowell. MC didn’t want to go, but Attorney Lewin assured her it would work out well.

On May 21, 2024, MC and Attorney Lewin went into Lowell District Court. They went first into the Clerk-Magistrate’s Office to have her cases put on the Court List. They then went into Probation and met with her Probation Officer. After Attorney Lewin explained to the Probation Officer how well MC was doing, the Probation Officer agreed to her paying the money she owed the court and terminating her Probation. MC paid the money she owed the Court. Attorney Lewin and MC then went before the Judge and the Judge ordered her PROBATION TERMINATED THAT DAY at 4:00 pm. The Judge in Lowell then ordered her to appear in Woburn the next day to address the warrant in Woburn District Court.

On May 22, 2024, MC and Attorney Lewin appeared in Woburn District Court. The result in Woburn was even better! The Judge remitted (cancelled) the money that MC owed in the Woburn Court case and he ordered the case DISMISSED. In two days MC got five warrants cancelled and all her probation terminated in both courts.

After 11 years of being on the run and now at age 51 MC is clear of all her court involvement and can get her license back. Needless to say MC was thrilled with the results. These results are typical for Attorney Robert Lewin given his vast experience in criminal law.

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