In 1989 SFC, a Dominican national, was arrested and charged with Distribution of a Class C Drug and Conspiracy to Violate the Controlled Substance Act in Malden Court. He appeared in Court several times and then went on the run. A warrant for his arrest was issued and remained open for over two decades. In 2012, SFC having remained in the US was married and had three children and wanted to become a citizen. He had to clear up the warrant and get the case resolved. SFC retained Attorney Robert Lewin of Lewin & Lewin. Attorney Lewin went to Malden Court and contacted the Malden Police. Unfortunately for SFC after 23 years the arresting officer and the back-up officer were still on the police department and the drugs (which SFC had allegedly sold to an undercover officer) were still in the evidence locker! Attorney Lewin was able to marshal a great deal of evidence that SFC had lead a crime free life since and that he had become a productive citizen. After several weeks of negotiation the District Attorney’s Office agreed to dismiss the charges against SFC upon the payment of $1,000 in Court costs. On April 23, 2012, SFC and Attorney Robert Lewin appeared in Malden District Court. Judge Johnson, a tough Judge who does not like these cases of people who are on the run for years, went along with the agreement that had been worked out between Attorney Lewin and the DA’s Office and ordered the case dismissed. With the dismissal of these criminal charges SFC is now in a position to proceed with an application for citizenship.

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