GS is a successful 49 year old Florida businessman with a past that came back to bite him. In 1984, when he was 21 years old, he was driving drunk and led the police on a chase through several towns. It all ended in a crash and GS was taken from the scene in cuffs. He was brought to Wareham District Court. He was charged with 11 offenses including DWI, Reckless Operation, 2 Counts of Malicious Destruction to Property, Disorderly Conduct, Disturbing the Peace, and so on. Following a trial by Judge he was sentenced to serve 14 months in the House of Correction and his license was revoked. GS appealed. Before his appeal could be heard GS defaulted in court and his appeal was deemed waived and the original 14 month sentences were ordered into effect. A new criminal complaint issued against him for bail jumping. Warrants for his arrest were issued. GS went to Florida and remained in Florida for the next 28 years. He married and raised a family and ultimately started his own business which became very successful. He got a Florida driver’s license and for 28 years he lived the good life. In 2011 he went to renew his Florida driver’s license and the Florida DMV told him they could not renew because the NDR (National Driver Registry) was showing that he was suspended in Massachusetts due to the warrants from 1984. GS told his family about his “problem” in Massachusetts and then contacted the law offices of Lewin and Lewin. Attorney Robert Lewin was retained. Attorney Lewin immediately went to the Wareham District Court to review all the court papers. Sure enough GS had been sentenced to the 14 months in jail and he had defaulted. Under Massachusetts Law a Motion to Revise or Revoke a sentence must be filed within 60 days of the sentence being imposed. That 60 day period had elapsed back in 1984. Attorney Lewin looked for a technical angle and found one. Attorney Lewin prepared a Motion for Reconsideration of certain actions that had been taken by the Court back in 1984. Attorney Lewin met at length with the Assistant District Attorney and filed a Motion to dismiss the case and appeared before the Judge in Wareham. The Judge set the Motion down for hearing but insisted that GS come up from Florida to appear at the hearing. GS came up and on Thursday, May 3, 2012 GS and Attorney Robert Lewin appeared in Wareham District Court. After a full hearing the Judge granted Attorney Lewin’s Motion for Reconsideration. The defaults were removed, the warrants were recalled, all the guilty findings were vacated (after 28 years), all the sentences were vacated, and all the charges were ordered dismissed. The Judge, by agreement, ordered GS to pay $1,000 in court costs which GS paid immediately. The court cases were over. GS and Attorney Lewin waited in the Clerk’s Office to obtain attested copies of all the court papers. Armed with the Court papers, GS and Attorney Lewin then drove from Wareham to Boston to the RMV Driver Control Unit on Washington Street. Two hours later, GS walked out of the RMV with his right to operate reinstated. On Monday, May 7, 2012 GS called Attorney Lewin and told Attorney Lewin that he had just left the Florida DMV with his new license. GS was very very lucky. Many judges would have simply ordered GS to serve the 14 months.

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