On February 15, 2012 JB plead guilty in Middlesex Superior Court to possessing and distributing child pornography and was placed on Probation for four years. (See the blog entry describing JB’s case in our blog dated March 5, 2012.) JB then filed the required notice with the sex offender registry board (SORB). The Board then sent JB a notice that he was going to be classified and gave him an opportunity to submit materials relative to the classification. JB again retained Lewin & Lewin to represent him at the SORB. Attorney Robert Lewin prepared the response to the Board. A lengthy pre-hearing memorandum was prepared by Attorney Lewin and many favorable documents were attached to the memorandum and the entire package was submitted to the SORB on March 26, 2012. On April 19, 2012 (just 24 days after submission by the defense) the Board sent out a Notice that it was classifying JB as a Level 1 sex offender. As a Level 1 sex offender JB can register yearly by mail and information about him is NOT available to the public. Attorney Robert Lewin has presented many cases to the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board and has achieved outstanding results for clients at the Board.

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