On December 24, 2011 in the early evening the Woburn Police responded to a one car crash in Woburn. A car had crashed into a guard rail and into two large stone pillars coming to rest against the second stone pillar. When the police arrived the owner of the vehicle, KB, was seated on the steps of a home facing the accident scene. She appeared to the police to be highly intoxicated. According to a Fire Department report the Fire Department had been called to KB’s house about one hour earlier and had found her in a highly drunken state and had put her to bed. KB was taken from the accident scene to Lahey Clinic where she was admitted and treated and released the next day. She was issued a citation for OUI-Liquor. KB retained Attorney Robert Lewin. Attorney Lewin immediately requested a clerk-magistrate hearing and obtained the hospital reports and the blood test reports. Remarkably the blood test results showed the presence of NO alcohol. It appears that KB had had a reaction to medication that she was taking; the medication (Ambien CR) can cause sleep walking, sleep driving, and other activities performed while in a sleep state. An expert witness (an MD) was consulted and a letter was obtained from the Doctor explaining that sleep driving is a recognized consequence of this medication. On March 21, 2012 a hearing was held at Woburn District Court and the Clerk found no probable cause and refused to issue a complaint against KB. KB left the Court a happy woman!

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