GG, a 31 year old administrative assistant at a major health care organization, went out with her husband one night and had a bit too much to drink. Upon arriving back home GG accused her husband of having a liason with another woman which her husband denied. GG got angry with her husband and according to the police reports began to slap him in the face repeatedly. Husband called 911, the police responded, and GG got herself arrested and charged with assault and battery. She went to Waltham Court the next morning and got arraigned. GG retained Attorney Robert Lewin. Attorney Lewin prepared a marital affidavit for the husband to sign (he was agreeable to the case being dismissed). Attorney Lewin then met with the Assistant District Attorney and presented the marital affidavit to the Assistant D.A. Attorney Lewin then put the husband in direct contact with the Assistant DA assigned to the case and the husband made it clear that he wanted the case dismissed. On March 12, 2012 GG and her husband and Attorney Lewin appeared in Waltham District Court. At the first call of the case at 9:30 AM the Assistant District Attorney filed a nolle prosequi. A nolle prosequi is a termination of the prosecution of a criminal case by the Commonwealth. It is the Commonwealth’s way of dismissing a case. Attorney Lewin is now preparing a petition to seal the record of the case; when the petition is granted the case will be removed from GG’s criminal record and she once again will have no criminal record. By preparing the case early and by connecting with the District Attorney’s Office early we were able to get the case dropped immediately.

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