On April 17, 2010, MC, a stunning woman of 40 years (she looks like age 25) became very upset with her 24 year old husband for his habit of visiting with and spending time the mother of his child (a woman other than MC). MC became enraged and proceeded to give him a good beating. When he said he was leaving (to go you know where) she said I’m calling 911 which she did. The police responded and after speaking with him and her arrested her and charged her with Domestic Assault and Battery. MC had a prior charge of Assault and Battery in 2009. The District Attorney did not want to let go of this case; however, Attorney Lewin prepared a Marital Affidavit for the Husband to sign. On May 26, 2010 the case was on the criminal pre-trial list in Malden District Court. At Attorney Lewin’s request the husband came to court and exercised his marital privilege. Attorney Lewin moved for dismissal and the case was ordered dismissed by the Judge. MC and her husband walked out of court arm in arm.

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