Drug Charges Dropped

JC, an 18 year old girl, was charged with Possession of A Class C Drug with Intent to Distribute and Conspiracy to Violate the Conrolled Substance Law. The charges arose out of an incident at the Square One Mall in Saugus. JC, who worked as a clerk at one of the stores at the mall, went to work and drove two male “friends” with her. She parked on the upper level of the parking lot and went to work. Her two male “friends” proceeded to begin selling drugs to “customers” at the mall. The two males would go back to JC’s car to remove the drugs and sell. them. After each sale they would return to the car to get more drugs. The drug operation was watched and video taped by mall security. The security officers called in the Saugus Police who confronted the two males and arrested them. The police searched JC’s car and found more drugs. While the police were searching JC’s car, JC came out into the parking lot on break. She saw her car being searched and confronted the police. She got arrested. Attorney Lewin secured the video tapes from Mall Security; the tapes showed that JC was not involved in any way with the drugs. Attorney Lewin was able to convince the DA that the drugs found in the car belonged to the two males and there was insufficient evidence connecting JC to the drugs or to any role in the distribution of the drugs. On May 11, 2010 the DA’s Office in Lynn District Court dismissed the drug charges against JC. The case took almost eight months to get resolved because the owner of the Mall resisted turining over the videos. Attorney Lewin persisted in obtaining a court order requiring the Mall owner to surrender the videos which they ultimately did.

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