Articles Posted in DWB – Driving While Black

On May 11, 2018, LM, a 49 year old black man from NYC, was driving a car with Georgia plates in Saugus.  His cousin, MG, a 47 year old black female was with LM. A State Trooper claimed that the license plate was obscured and pulled LM over. (This was your classic “DWB” – Driving While Black – stop of a motor vehicle.) The Trooper claimed that the name of the state on the license plate (Georgia) was obscured by a plate frame. After the stop the Trooper searched the vehicle and seized a host of items including three Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets (stolen), eight Pennsylvania driver’s licenses in the name of MG, one Pennsylvania license and two New Jersey licenses with the picture of LM on them, six Western Union Master Card debit cards and four PayPal MasterCard debit cards with different names on them. Seven charges were filed against LM:

(1) Receiving Stolen Property over $1,200 (The three Tablets)

(2) Identity Fraud

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