Angry Mother With A Shoe

SD, a 68 year old mother, was angry that her son’s ex girlfriend had caused a number of criminal charges to be filed against her son (Kidnapping, Attempted Murder, Violation of an Abuse Prevention Order). The son was ordered held in $10,000 cash bail. In March 2010 the son’s case was on the Court list in Lynn District Court. Mother came to court wearing a pair of sandals. Mother saw the ex-girlfriend (a girl to whom the mother had been most generous over the last several years) and grabbed the ex-girlfriend by the hair, punched her in the head, and then allegedly took her sandals off and beat the ex-girlfriend with the sandals. Court officers and Lynn Police came running and put the mother in cuffs and arrested her. She was charged with Assault and Battery by means of a dangerous weapon (the sandals), Assault and Battery, and Threats. After considerable negotiations with the Essex County District Attorney’s Office, on June 7, 2010 the DA agreed to dismiss the felony count of Assault and Battery with a dangerous weapon and the count alleging Threats. The charge of Assault and Battery (a misdemeaonr) was ordered continued for nine months without a finding to be dismissed at the end of the nine months. As Attorney Lewin and the mother were leaving the Courthouse he told her to leave her sandals at home the next time she comes to Court.

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