Another DWI 2nd Offense Win

On Friday, June 11, 2010 a 63 year old Methuen man was found not guilty of DWI 2nd Offense following a two day trial in Lawrence District Court. RL was followed by the State Police on Route 93 North from the Dascomb Road exit to River Road where he was pulled over for numerous lane violations. As the trooper approached the car he noticed the driver drinking from a mouthwash bottle. The trooper also noticed that the driver had lowered all four windows of the car, not just the driver’s window. When the trooper asked what the man was doing with the mouthwash, the driver, after some hesitation, said he was coming from the Beijing in North Andover. Field sobriety tests followed and then the arrest. At trial Attorney Lewin introduced photos of Route 93 showing numerous potholes and the obliteration of most of the lane markings. The bill from The China Blossom (not Beijing) was introduced and it showed that RL had consumed only 1 Mai Tai all evening. RL’s girl freind was called as a witness and she confirmed that he had consumed only one Mai Tai. The case had been thoroughly prepared; RL and Attorney Lewin had no less than three trial practice sessions in Attorney Lewin’s Office to make certain that RL was ready for both direct and cross examination. As a result of this win RL did not lose his license for two years, he did not have to go to the two week in-patient program; and he will not be required to have an ignition interlock device installed in his car. He has his license. This is another example of how important it is to be properly prepared for trial.

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