On February 16, 2014 TF was operating a Caterpillar Front End Loader doing snow removal on Rt. 93 South in Woburn. It was 2:00 am and it was snowing hard. A car came onto Rt. 93 and was going too fast for the conditions and crashed into the Front End Loader. The State Police responded to the scene. When asked for his license TF told the police that his license (a Vermont License) was back at the shop. The police ran his license information and learned that TF was suspended in Vermont and had been denied a license in MA. The police charged TF with unlicensed operation, license class violation, and no license in possession. It turns out that TF’s license in Vermont had been suspended for his failure to complete a DUI Program. He was completely unlicensed in MA. TF retained Attorney Robert Lewin. Attorney Lewin instructed TF to complete all his outstanding requirements to get reinstated in VT. On September 15, 2014 TF and Attorney Lewin appeared in Woburn District Court. After a productive meeting between Attorney Lewin and the Assistant District Attorney, the DA’s office agreed to dismiss all the charges against TF upon the payment of $150.00 in court costs. Attorney Lewin told TF to pay the costs immediately before someone changes their mind. TF paid the costs immediately and they case went completely away. TF left the Courthouse a happy fellow.

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