In 1983 and 1984 WL, then 23 and 24 years old got into a spate of trouble with the Haverhill Police. He had charges of Violating Probation on an Operating Under the Influence of Liquor charge, Malicious Destruction of Property (a Felony), two charges of Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle, and a charge of Attaching Plates to Conceal a Vehicle. It all became too much so WL headed out west to California for greener pastures. Months turned into years and years turned into decades. In 2014, WL, now 53 years old, is living in Pennsylvania and he went to renew his Pennsylvania gun license. He was told he could not renew his gun license because he had these warrants in Haverhill District Court. WL first hired a Massachusetts lawyer who does gun license cases. When the lawyer saw the situation in Haverhill District Court, the lawyer told WL you need to get a lawyer who knows the Haverhill District Court and who has experience in getting old cases cleaned up. On Wednesday, September 10, WL contacted Attorney Robert Lewin in North Andover, MA. They talked on the phone and then WL retained Attorney Lewin (paying the legal fee by wire transfer). Later that day Attorney Lewin went to Haverhill District Court, reviewed all the papers, and spoke directly to the Probation Department. On the DUI case WL had been put on probation back in 1984 but he utterly failed to comply with his probation. He did not do the DUI Program and he had not paid the court fees and fines. The one big thing that WL did have going for him was that for the last 30 years he had not got into any trouble. Attorney Lewin was able to convince the Probation not to ask that WL’s probation be revoked. On Friday, September 12, 2014, WL flew out to Boston and met Attorney Lewin at Haverhill District Court. Attorney Lewin and WL went in front of the Judge. Attorney Lewin explained to the Judge that over the last 30 years WL had gone on to become a productive citizen, that he had his own business, that he was raising two children, and most importantly that WL had stayed out of trouble. The Judge was impressed with WL’s progress over the last 30 years and agreed to dismiss the probation violation. The Judge then dismissed all five cases against WL and ordered WL to pay a total of $1,000 in court costs. WL paid the $1,000 immediately before anyone changed their mind. Within 48 hours of retaining Attorney Lewin all five of WL’s cases in Haverhill District Court were dismissed. WL was thrilled and flew back to Pennsylvania to get his gun license. Had the Probation Office asked for WL’s probation to be revoked and had the Judge revoked his probation, WL could have been sentenced to up to 2 1/2 years in jail and his right to drive would have been revoked for one year (and Pennsylvania would have revoked his Pennsylvania driver’s license for the one year period). He had a lot at stake and it worked out well. WL gave Attorney Lewin a big thank you and handshake as they left the Courthouse.

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