NL, a 77 year old retired school teacher, and TN, her 75 year old husband, went shopping at a boutique store in Beverly recently. NL gathered up about $200.00 worth of merchandise that she wanted. Then she saw a purse that she just had to have. She took the purse and put it inside a shopping bag that she had. Subsequently she gave the shopping bag (with the purse inside) to her husband and directed him to go out of the store and to the car with the shopping bag; meanwhile she went to the register to pay for her other items. The loss prevention officers saw it all and brought both NL and her husband into the office. The Beverly police were called and responded to the store. The police told NL and TN that they had to stay out of the store and that they would receive a summons. The summons came. NL and her husband contacted Attorney Robert Lewin in North Andover. Because of their age and disabilities Attorney Lewin made a house call – he only does this with aged and infirm clients who do not have a way to get to his office. NL and TN were all nervous about having to appear in Court. Attorney Lewin told them not to worry, that he would get them a very favorable disposition. The case was scheduled for arraignment in Salem District Court on Wednesday, March 11, 2015. The day before the scheduled arraignment Attorney Lewin went over to the DA’s Office and explained the case to the DA. Attorney Lewin asked the DA to dismiss the case. The DA agreed. On March 11, 2015 NL, her husband, and Attorney Lewin appeared in Salem District Court. The case was called and Attorney Lewin explained to the Judge that the DA had agreed to dismiss the case. The Judge ordered the case dismissed. NL and TN were very relieved. The case got resolved both favorably and quickly due in part to Attorney Lewin going over to the DA’s Office and speaking directly with an Assistant DA before the Court date.

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