TM had a favorite restaurant in North Woburn. He would go there often. One day he was approached by an undercover cop in the restaurant; they conversed and TM sold the undercover cop a small quantity of weed. Several days went by and the undercover cop contacted TM again and arranged a second sale which took place in the restaurant parking lot several days later. Several days after that a third sale took place in the parking lot. Unknown to TM all this activity was photographed by other police. Immediately after the third sale TM was arrested in the parking lot. A search of TM’s car revealed a larger quantity of marijhuana and Class C Pills and Class E Pills. In addition there was a pre-school within 1,000 feet of the restaurant parking lot where all the sales had taken place. TM was brought to court charged with three counts of distribution of marijhuana, three counts of a school zone violation (each carrying a 2 year mandatory minimum sentence which cannot be suspended), 1 count of possession of marijhuana with intent to distribute, 1 count of Possession of Class C, and 1 count of Possession of Class E. Attorney Lewin was retained and immediately began working on the school zone issue. The school zone statute is a very technical statute. It covers both public and private pre-schools. The statute, however, requires that the pre-school be accredited. The statute does not set forth who it is that does the accrediting, how long the accreditation lasts, etc. Attorney Lewin attacked this aspect of the case and filed Motions requiring the government to disclose all their evidence on this “accreditation” issue. The government stalled for three months. Finally Attorney Lewin motioned the Court to dismiss the school zone charges. The DA then approached Attorney Lewin about “working the case out”.At the end of the day on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 TM walked out of Woburn Court: the three school zone charges were all dismissed; all the remaining charges were continued without a finding for 18 months. If TM stays out of trouble all the charges will be dismissed at the end of the 18 months. Because no guilty findings were entered, TM will not lose his license.

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