EB, age 36, was arrested and accused of domestic assault and battery on his seventy year old father. EB consistently and emphatically denied that he had struck his father. Following his arraignment EB retained Lewin & Lewin. Attorney Robert Lewin sought out the father and spoke with him. The father came to the pre-trial hearing at Lowell District Court. Attorney Lewin put the father in direct contact with the Assistant District Attorney. The father told the Assistant DA that no assault occurred. The DA’s Office refused to dismiss the case at the pre-trial hearing!! This is the position the Middlesex County DA’s Office takes in virtually every domestic assault and battery case. Attorney Lewin requested a quick trial date. On Wednesday, October 13, 2010 litigation specialist Joshua Lewin from the firm of Lewin and Lewin appeared in Lowell District Court and answered ready for trial. The Commonwealth could not go forward and the case was dismissed.

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