JP, who is 47 years old, had been an oil burner technician his entire adult life. His job required not only that he have a license, but also that he have a commercial driver’s license. In 2008, before he hired Lewin and Lewin, JP was convicted of various drug related offenses. As a result, the Registry of Motor Vehicles suspended JP’s driver’s license for five years. Even worse, however, the RMV revoked his commercial driver’s license for life. (Drug convictions in Massachusetts carry with them a suspension/revocation of the convicted person’s driver’s license – even though the drug case may have had nothing to do with driving. If the drug charges are continued without a finding then there is no conviction and no loss of license.) This effectively meant that JP could never return to work and his career as an oil burner technician was over. In February 2011 JP retained Attorney Joshua Lewin. Attorney Lewin promptly filed a petition at the Board of Appeal in Boston, requesting that the Board rescind the lifetime revocation of his CDL and issue JP a license so that he could return to work. On March 9, 2011, Attorney Lewin appeared with JP before the Board of Appeal. The prosecutor from the RMV argued that JP’s license should remain suspended. Attorney Lewin, who had prepared a detailed and persuasive memorandum, argued to the members of the Board that they should reinstate JP’s license and rescind the revocation of his CDL. Two days later, JP received the Board’s decision: Petition allowed. The Board issued JP a license so he could return to work and rescinded the lifetime revocation of his CDL. As JP stated after receiving the decision and getting his license back: “this was the best money I could have spent.” In the background, Attorney Lewin could hear the sound of JP’s truck. JP was back on the road.

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