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On February 28, 2013 JC, a 42 year old man had an itch that needed to be scratched. He got in his car and was driving around Dorchester and stopped at an intersection. He saw a lady of the night on the sidewalk and waived her over. She got in his car. They drove to a convenient store; she got out of the car and went in and bought some condoms. She came out of the store and got back in his car. Unbeknownst to him and her there were two undercover Boston cops who were following her as she was well known to the police. They followed JC’s car and it finally pulled over on a dark street. The cops waited for several minutes and then approached JC’s car. JC had his pants down; the lady had her skirt up and was performing oral sex on JC. The cops banged on the window and told JC and the lady to get dressed. The two got dressed and at the officers’ directions exited the car. The lady told the cops that she was a good businessperson and she wanted to give JC back his $40 for unfinished business. JC told the cops that she could keep it, but it was $100 not $40. The lady, having a lengthy criminal record for prostitution, was arrested. JC, having no criminal record, was let go but was told he would receive a notice to go to Court. Subsequently JC received a Notice of Hearing on an Application for Criminal Complaint for Offering Money for Sex from Dorchester District Court. JC retained Attorney Robert Lewin.

Recently the Boston Police have been cracking down on online prostitution and they (and the DA’s Office and the Court) have taken a harsher approach in the online prostitution cases. This case was an old-fashioned prostitution case. Attorney Lewin contacted the Boston Police and prior to the Clerk-Magistrate’s hearing Attorney Lewin spoke directly to the officer who arrested the lady and applied for the criminal complaint against JC.After 42 years of practicing criminal law Attorney Lewin knows what the cops want to hear and what they do not want to hear. After speaking with Attorney Lewin the police agreed not to push for a criminal complaint to issue against JC; instead they agreed to ask the Clerk to continue the hearing for four months at which time the application for criminal complaint would be dismissed. On April 29, 2013 in the afternoon JC and Attorney Lewin and the Officer appeared at Dorchester District Court for the Clerk-Magistrate hearing. Attorney Lewin explained to the Clerk that the police and the Defense had reached an agreement; the Clerk heard from Attorney Lewin and the Officer and the Clerk adopted the agreement that the parties had reached. The Clerk continued the hearing until August 30, 2013 and ordered that if JC was in no further trouble then he need not appear in Court and the application would be dismissed on that date. As a result of this disposition JC will not have to return to court, he will not have to appear before a Judge, he will not be charged, and he has no criminal record. It doesn’t get much better.

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