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BH, a 52 year old male from South Carolina, had been calling a student help line at a Major University in the Boston area for over three years. The calls were persistent and had strong sexual overtones. The calls would come in the hours just after midnight and would involve masturbation and other sexual topics. The university had traced the calls back to BH and had warned him to stop. For a while BH contained himself but then the calls started up again. The University filed an application for a criminal complaint against BH. The Application sought a criminal complaint for annoying phone calls. The calls were numerous and the penalty for each call was up to three months in jail. The University had documented close to one hundred calls. BH was looking at the real possibility of a jail sentence. Immediately upon receiving the notice from the Court BH contacted and retained Attorney Robert Lewin from North Andover.

Attorney Lewin implemented a plan of action. Attorney Lewin told BH he had to immediately enroll in counseling with a licensed psychotherapist with experience in sex offenses. Attorney Lewin told BH it would be imperative for the psychotherapist to furnish a report that BH was in treatment to deal with this specific problem. BH did what Attorney Lewin asked. In the meantime Attorney Lewin contacted the University Detective who had completed the investigation. Attorney Lewin advocated for a result that would avoid an actual criminal complaint from being issued against BH. Attorney Lewin had several conversations with the Detective in the weeks leading up to the Court Clerk-Magistrate Hearing. Attorney Lewin received a written report from the psychotherapist. The report certified that BH was in treatment for the specific problems underlying the annoying phone calls.

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