In 2009 DH, a then 29 year old homeless man, was arrested in Peabody and charged with Trespassing and Disorderly Conduct. DH had a six page criminal record. He defaulted in Court and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He went to California and lived in CA for a number of years. DH got his life together and then returned to MA. He got married, got a good job, and went back to school. But he could not drive because he could not get a license due to the warrants in Peabody District Court. DH contacted Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover and they had an initial conference via FaceTime. DH retained Attorney Lewin.

Attorney Lewin immediately obtained all the court papers and the police report from the 2009 case. Attorney Lewin then reached out to the District Attorney’s Office and discussed the case at length with the DA. Attorney Lewin asked the DA to dismiss the case.

On January 12, 2021 Attorney Lewin and DH appeared in Peabody District Court. DH appeared in person and Attorney Lewin appeared via zoom. The case was called and Attorney Lewin and the Assistant District Attorney made a joint request of the Judge to cancel the warrant and dismiss the case. The Judge agreed. DH left the Court with no warrant hanging over his head and his 11 year old case dismissed. He was a happy client!

Although this was a relative simple case, the process is basically the same for all warrant cancellations. Attorney Lewin gets all the court paperwork to see what the case is all about. He then conferences the case with the prosecution (the Assistant DA) and makes arrangements to have the client appear in Court to get the warrants cancelled. Sometimes Attorney Lewin is successful in getting the warrants cancelled without the client having to come to court. It is an area of criminal practice in which Attorney Lewin has a great deal of experience and a great deal of success.

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