DP, a resident of Washington DC, went to get his driver’s license renewed and was told he could not get it renewed because his right to operate in MA was under suspension because of an outstanding court warrant. It seems that in 2010 DP had gotten into a scrape at South Station in Boston and got arrested. He failed to go to court and returned to Washington. A warrant for his arrest was issued by the Boston Municipal Court. The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles received a notice form the Court and suspended DP’s right to operate a motor vehicle. That suspension was entered into the NDR (National Driver Register) and when DP went to renew his license in Washington he was refused. DP contacted a Boston Attorney at a large firm whom he knew and the Attorney referred DP to Lewin and Lewin. DP retained Attorney Robert Lewin. The day after being hired Attorney Lewin immediately went over to the Boston Municipal Court and obtained copies of all the papers and police reports in DP’s case. Attorney Lewin also went to the District Attorney’s Office and spoke with the DA Supervisor. After some discussion the DA’s Office agreed to dismiss the charges. Several days later DP flew up to Boston from Washington and on Thursday, February 21, 2013 DP and Attorney Lewin appeared in the Boston Municipal Court. The Judge removed the default, cancelled the warrant, assessed $200 in court costs which DP paid immediately, and ordered the two criminal charges dismissed. The cancellation of the warrant was entered into the warrant management system. DP went to the RMV, paid a reinstatement fee, and got the suspension of his right to operate lifted. He then flew back to Washington and got his license renewed. He is a happy camper!

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