KB, a 34 year old army wife living in KY, went to renew her driver’s license in KY but was denied because her right to drive was suspended in Massachusetts because she had defaulted in a criminal case in Peabody District Court back in 2008. On Monday, March 18, 2013 KB wired a retainer to Attorney Robert Lewin. On Tuesday, March 19, 2013 Attorney Lewin appeared in Peabody District Court for KB. The default was removed, the warrant was cancelled, Attorney Lewin paid $200 in court costs from funds that KB had wired, and the case was dismissed. The following day KB paid a small reinstatement fee to the Registry of Motor Vehicles online and her driving privileges were reinstated. KB had been fretting over this case for five years. In one day it was resolved and she never had to leave her home in Kentucky. Attorney Robert Lewin has been practicing criminal defense law since 1975 (38 years) and has a remarkable record of success in clearing old warrants.

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