Violation of an Abuse Prevention Order – NOT Guilty

JT, a 27 year old strikingly handsome black male, was in a romantic relationship with BN, a 36 year old very handsome white male. The two men looked as if they had come out of central casting for the bachelorette. JT broke off the relationship and BN did not take well to the break up. On May 24, 2021 BN went over to Newburyport District Court and obtained an “ex-parte” abuse prevention order against JT. An ex-parte order is an emergency order where the Judge hears only from the party seeking the order. The person against whom the order is sought does not know of the proceedings and is not present. On that same day, the Methuen Police served the order on JT at his parents home in Methuen. On the next day, May 25, 2021, after work, JT drove up to Newburyport District Court just before it closed at 4:30 and obtained a copy of the the papers from the restraining order case. JT then returned home arriving home shortly after 5:00 PM. JT remained at home the rest of the evening. At about 7:45 pm that same evening the police showed up at JT’s house and arrested him for violating the abuse prevention order that had been issued the day before. BN had claimed that JT was following him late that afternoon at a park in Boxford.

Unfortunately for BN, but fortunately for JT, JT’s cell phone tracks his whereabouts. The GPS trazcking data showed that JT had driven from Methuen to Newburyport and then from Newburyport back to Methuen with no side trips to Boxford. The GPS tracking data also showed that JT was in his home thereafter and did not leave and did not go to Boxford.

JT had hired a lawyer (not Attorney Lewin) and his case just sat. The communication between JT and the other lawyer was not good. Finally, JT sought out new counsel. JT met with and retained Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover. Attorney Lewin thoroughly reviewed and organized all the GPS data. Attorney Lewin thoroughly reviewed all the factual details with JT. Attorney Lewin interviewed JT’s family members who could testify that he was at home that evening.

On April 23, 2022 JT’s case went to trial in Haverhill District Court. In the days leading up to the trial Attorney Lewin and JT and his witnesses had two lengthy trial prep sessions. When the trial date came JT and his witness were READY. At the trial BN testified that JT had followed BN in his car into the parking lot of a park in Boxford. JT testified and absolutely denied going to the park and he denied being in Boxford.  After hearing all the evidence the Judge found JT NOT guilty.

Attorney Lewin’s father – who himself was a great trial lawyer – always told Attorney Lewin: “A case well prepared is a case 90% won.”. JT wrote a 5 star review for Attorney Lewin. In his review JT wrote the following:

“After being falsely accused with a crime I was desperate and hired a different attorney. After many dead ends, lack of communication, and my lack of knowledge of what was happening with my case it was clear to me that I needed to hire a new attorney. That was when I found Attorney Lewin’s information online and decided to give him a call. Within the first five minutes of my first phone call with him he gave me more information about the law and my options than the six months I had been with my previous lawyer. It was then I knew I could trust him with my case. After attaining his services, he was always kind, compassionate, supportive and a great listener. He was sensitive to the fact that the accusation made against me could have ruined everything I’ve work hard for, including my reputation and did everything he could to reveal the truth. I knew if I ever had a question and I wasn’t clear he was always a phone call away. He prepared me and my witness well in advance before my trial and made us feel comfortable that he was going to do everything he could to win my case. His focus on the facts and truth gave me the confidence to tackle this obstacle head on and after heading to court I received a not guilty verdict. I can’t thank Attorney Lewin enough for the care he put into my case. He far exceeded my expectations and I will be forever grateful for what he has done for me.
Response from the owner
James. Thanks very much for the great review. You were a great client. You were steadfast in your innocence and you were willing to invest the time and effort to assist me in proving your innocence. You and your witness made yourselves available in the days leading up to your trial The trial prep sessions went extremely well and the preparation all paid off when the court announced the NOT guilty verdict. It just doesn’t get much better. I wish you the best!”



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