Road Block Stop + .08 = NOT GUILTY in Malden Court

CC, a very attractive 30 year old financial analyst, and two girl friends spent a night in Boston at the Harpoon Fest. On the way home CC was travelling on Rt. 16 in Everett when she approached and entered into a sobriety checkpoint roadblock. The police detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage and directed CC into the “pit area” so-called. She pulled in and was asked to exit her vehicle. Field sobriety tests followed, a preliminary breath test (in the field) was administered with a .10 result. She was then placed under arrest for operating under the influence and a formal breath test was administered with a resulting BAC of .08. Under the law in Massachusetts a .08 is a failing reading and is sufficient all by itself to sustain a conviction. During discovery Attorney Lewin learned that the breath test machine used in CC’s test was reading slightly high. Attorney Lewin developed the argument that the .08 was in reality something less than .08. The trial took place in Malden District Court on September 29, 2010. Attorney Lewin was able to keep the .08 reading out of evidence. The case was tried jury-waived (that is, to a judge without a jury). The Judge found CC not guilty. CC is a happy camper.

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