Public Urination — Indecent Exposure Charges Dismissed At Arraignment

After a Friday evening bar-hopping and watching a boxing match at the Lowell Auditorium, JB was headed home. Although intoxicated, he did the responsible thing and gave his car keys to a friend. As he looked and waited for a cab, however, the drinking caught up to him and he had an urge to urinate. It was nearly 2:00 a.m. and the bars and restaurants were no longer allowing patrons to enter. JB found a dark alleyway and walked into it. He found a secluded doorway which he thought was out of sight and proceeded to relieve himself. He finished his business and began to walk down the alley when a police officer appeared seemingly out of nowhere. The police officer indicated that others had seen him urinate. The officer placed JB under arrest for indecent exposure. JB was charged in the Lowell District Court with indecent exposure. On Saturday, JB contacted Lewin & Lewin and met with the attorneys on Sunday. Attorney Joshua Lewin prepared a defense of the case for JB’s arraignment which was scheduled for Monday morning. Attorney Lewin appeared with JB in court on Monday morning January 30, 2012 and was successful in getting the case dismissed at the arraignment. Attorney Lewin got the case dismissed less than 72 hours after the crime allegedly occurred. JB walked out of the courthouse very thankful and “relieved.”

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