License Reinstatement in Under 24 Hours

In 2004 MS was cited in Brookline, Massachusetts for one criminal motor vehicle violation and two civil motor vehicle infractions. MS subsequently moved to Rhode Island and then to Viriginia and never received the court summons to appear in Brookline District Court. In 2005 a warrant was issued by Brookline District Court. For the last four years MS has had a valid Virginia license. Recently MS went to renew his Virginia license and was told he could not renew it because of the warrant in Massachusetts. On Wednesday, July 28, 2010 MS contacted Attorney Lewin and retained Attorney Lewin. On Thursday, July 29, 2010 Attorney Lewin went to Brookline District Court to begin work on the case. After reviewing the Court papers and speaking the with Assistant District Attorney, Attorney Lewin was confident the Judge would look favorably on a request to cancel the warrant and dispose of the case without MS having to travel from Virginia to Massachusetts. A Motion for relief was presented to the Judge who then (1) allowed Attorney Lewin to appear for MS, (2) excused MS’s appearance in court, (3) dismissed the criminal charge, (4) entered findings of not responsible on the civil motor vehicle infractions, (5) cancelled the warrant and (6) closed the case. The cancellation of the warrant was electronically transmitted to the Mass. Registry of Motor Vehicles and Viriginia allowed MS to renew his Virginia license. All this was done in under 24 hours.

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