On April 21, 2011 FN drove her car to the supermarket in Lynn and went into shop. When she came out of the market the side of her car had extensive damage. The next day FN drove her car to a body shop and reported the accident to her insurance company. She filed a motor vehicle damage claim with the insurance company.The insurance company sent out an adjuster to examine the car; the damage did not appear to be consistent with FN’s account of what happened. The insurance company brought in an accident re-constructionist who thoroughly examined the car. The expert concluded that the car had been moving (and the wheels turning) when the car came into contact with a utility pole that was soaked in creosote. There was creosote on the wheels and the body panels consistent with the car striking a utility pole while the car was moving forward. The insurance company refused to make payment. According to FN the body shop fixed her car and did not charge her. The body shop then went out of business and FN sold the car.

Three years later(!) the Lynn Police charged FN with filing a false insurance claim and attempted larceny. FN retained an attorney from Boston; the attorney negotiated a “plea bargain” with the District Attorney’s Office that required FN to admit that she was guilty and that would have required her to be on probation for six months. FN called Attorney Robert Lewin in North Andover to get a second opinion. Attorney Lewin told FN that she was not guilty and should not be discussing plea bargains for a crime that she did not commit. FN the retained Attorney Lewin. Attorney Lewin spoke immediately with the District Attorney. After several discussions between Attorney Lewin and the District Attorney the DA agreed to dismiss the charges against FN.

On February 5, 2015 FN and Attorney Lewin appeared in Lynn District Court. Both criminal charges against FN were dismissed. FN left the courthouse smiling.

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