Hit & Run – Prosecution Avoided and Insurance Surcharge Avoided

On February 21, 2024 AL, a 32 year old social-worker, was pulling out of a parking space at a local Walgreens Pharmacy. She sideswiped the car next to her. She paused and then drove off. This was not captured on video; however, someone in the parking lot saw the accident and wrote down the number plate of her car and called the police and reported the hit and run. The police ran the plate and sent AL (who was the registered owner of the car) a letter requesting (demanding) that she contact the police. AL contacted and retained Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover to represent her. Attorney Lewin told her not to contact the police, and that he would contact the police for her. AL did NOT want to be charged criminally with Leaving the Scene and she was willing to pay the damage to the other vehicle so that she would NOT be surcharged on her insurance.

Attorney Lewin immediately contacted the police and was able to obtain a copy of the policeĀ  crash report. Attorney Lewin spoke with the officer who handles the hit and run cases and was successful in negotiating a resolution of the case without AL being charged with any criminal offense. Attorney Lewin contacted the owner of the other car and arranged for AL to pay the owner directly the $800 cost to repair the car without involving the insurance company.

As a result of Attorney Lewin’s handling of the case, AL was NOT charged with hit and run (Leaving the Scene) and she was NOT surcharged on her insurance. (The $800 cost that she had to pay to the owner of the other car was less than the amount her insurance would have increased.) AL was very happy with the result.

Over the last 50 years, Attorney Robert Lewin has handled hundreds of these hit and run cases, and, when contacted early enough by the clients, Attorney Lewin has been able to negotiate with the police to avoid the clients being prosecuted.


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