On September 24, 2013 AC, a 33 year old female living in Malden with her 32 year old boyfriend (JR), learned that JR was using drugs. JR was sleeping. AC went into the bedroom and proceeded to wake JR up. This is where the stories diverge. According to the Malden Police Reports JR told the police that AC was standing over the bed with a large kitchen knife in her hand when she woke him up. When he saw the knife he ran to the bathroom and locked the bathroom door behind him. At that point AC began “stabbing” the door with the knife actually making a large hole in the door. AC then decided to run from the apartment. She left but then decided to go back. JR called 911. AC and JR struggled when she tried to get back in. The Malden Police responded to the scene and spoke to both JR and AC. The police arrested AC and charged her with Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (the knife). There was a third party present in the apartment when all this happened, a girlfriend of AC. The girlfriend told the police that JR and AC had argued first and that JR had struck AC in the mouth causing her mouth to bleed and that he had also grabbed her arms causing her arms to bruise; it was only after JR had attacked AC that AC went into the kitchen and got the knife.

AC was arraigned on a felony charge of Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon. AC retained Attorney Robert Lewin. In order to level the playing field Attorney Lewin had AC apply for a criminal complaint against JR for Assault and Battery (the punch to the mouth and the grabbing of her arms) as well as an abuse prevention order. A criminal complaint was issued against JR and an abuse prevention order was entered against JR. This greatly leveled the playing field and gave AC leverage to defend against the Felony Assault charge. AC had a high powered job with a high tech firm in the medical field and a felony conviction would destroy her career.

As luck would have it JR just could not stay away from AC. He quickly violated the Abuse Prevention Order twice and found himself locked up. On March 10, 2014 the charge against AC was scheduled for trial. AC and Attorney Lewin showed up in Malden Court and answered ready for trial. JR – because he had three outstanding criminal charges – exercised his fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination and refused to testify. The case against AC was dismissed.

Where there was substantial evidence that AC had taken a knife and threatened JR with the knife it was important to find a away to neutralize JR. By following Attorney Lewin’s advice and obtaining the Abuse Prevention Order and the Criminal Complaint against JR, AC was successful in getting the charges against her dismissed.

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