In February of 2012 DW walked into the Credit Union in Peabody where he had an account. DW had 2 US Postal Money Orders with him – or at least what appeared to be US Postal Money Orders. DW deposited the two money orders which totaled $1,980.00. Several days later DW withdrew the money from his account. Sometime later the Money Orders were determined to be fraudulent and the Credit Union went to debit DW’s account the $1,980 but his account had no funds in it. The Credit Union went to the police and a criminal complaint was taken out against DW in Peabody District Court for 2 counts of forgery and 2 counts of uttering a forged money order. All four charges are felonies and carry serious penalties. By the time the Court mailed out a criminal summons for DW to appear in Court he had moved and did not receive the summons. A warrant issued for DW’s arrest. Three years later in 2015 DW learned of the warrant and went to Peabody District Court and got the warrant cancelled. He was arraigned on the four charges and his case was continued for a pre-trial hearing to September 30, 2015. DW retained Attorney Robert Lewin of North Andover. (Attorney Lewin had successfully represented DW years earlier in a criminal motor vehicle matter in Malden District Court.)
Attorney Lewin immediately went over to the Peabody District Court and obtained a copy of the police report and the report from the Credit Union. It became clear to Attorney Lewin that there was no evidence or proof that DW knew that the two money orders were fraudulent. Knowledge is a necessary element of all the four charges against DW. The Commonwealth has to prove that DW knew the money orders were fraudulent. Moreover, there was absolutely no evidence or proof that DW forged or made the false money orders. Sure the Credit Union had him on video depositing the forged money orders but that is not proof that he forged them or that he knew they were forged. In any event Attorney Lewin went to the DA’s Office and told them DW was innocent, there was no proof that he forged the money orders and there was no proof that he knew they were forged. From a civil (non-criminal) law point of view DW owed the Credit Union the $1,980.00. But he was charged criminally. On September 30, 2015 DW and Attorney Lewin appeared in Peabody District Court. DW agreed to pay the Credit Union the $1,980.00 and the Commonwealth agreed to dismiss all the charges. DW walked out of the Court a happy man.

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