Eight Drug Charges Dismissed in Woburn District Court

On February 19, 2011 PL was arrested in Reading, MA and charged with Possession Class A, Possession Class B (two counts), and Possession of Class C. He was arraigned in Woburn District Court and his cases were continued. PL retained Attorney Robert Lewin.The night before he was to return to Court PL was arrested again in Reading and charged with Possession Class A, Possession Class B (two counts) and Possession Class C. PL’s family immediately had PL admitted to an in-patient detox facility. Chapter 111E of the Massachusetts General Laws allows a judge to stay (put on hold) the criminal proceedings against a person who is charged with a drug possession offense if that person is a drug addict or a drug dependent person who would benefit from treatment. PL wanted help for his drug dependency. Attorney Lewin filed Motions to Stay the Proceedings in both of PL’s cases. PL spent 30 days in an in-patient program, followed by two months in a “day-program”, followed by 15 months of weekly counseling which included 3-4 AA/NA meetings per week. PL has been drug and alcohol free since the night of his second arrest on April 18, 2012. PL’s cases were stayed for a total of 18 months. On September 26, 2012 PL and Attorney Lewin appeared in Woburn District Court. Attorney Lewin had reports from all of PL’s treatment providers and furnished to the Court. PL is clean of drugs, is working full-time, is supporting his wife and children. Pursuant to Chapter 111E the Judge, at the request of Attorney Lewin, ordered all the charges against PL dismissed. Attorney Lewin was extremely proud of PL and congratulated him for taking charge of his life and “earning” the dismissal of the criminal charges.

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