Driving After Suspension Dismissed in Newburyport District Court

In May of 2022, MH, a 30 year old designer from Andover, was stopped by the police and issued a citation for No Inspection Sticker and Unregistered Motor Vehicle. He took care of the registration and the sticker, but failed to either pay the ticket or request a hearing. He went into default on the ticket and the Registry suspended his license. He continued to drive. On December 13, 2022 he got pulled over by the Amesbury Police for driving after suspension of his license. He was summonsed to court in Newburyport. MH consulted with and retained Attorney Robert Lewin from Andover.

Attorney Lewin immediately obtained the police reports and both MH’s criminal record and driver history from the Registry. Attorney Lewin made certain that MH got his license reinstated before the Court date. Prior to MH’s arraignment, Attorney Lewin spoke with the Assistant DA at Newburyport District Court and advocated with the Assistant DA to dismiss the case. The Assistant DA agreed.

On March 28, 2023, Attorney Lewin and MH appeared in Newburyport District Court. The case was called and Attorney Lewin and the Assistant DA told the Judge that there was an agreement to dismiss the case. The Judge ordered the case dismissed.

MH thanked Attorney Lewin and left the Courthouse a happy man.

Although this was a relatively simple case, Attorney Lewin took all the necessary steps and met with the Assistant DA beforeĀ the arraignment so that the case could get dismissed on the arraignment date. It is Attorney Lewin’s attention to detail and preparedness that gets the best results in a prompt fashion for his clients.

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