KL was married with one child. His wife had many issues including expecting KL to be at her beck and call whenever she wished. The marriage was floundering and KL moved out; she called KL often and demanded that he drop whatever he was doing and come take their child so she could “go out”. When he did not respond promptly enough she called the police and accused KL of assaulting her. The police came and arrested KL and charged him with Assault and Battery on his wife. He was arraigned in Woburn District Court and his case was continued. While that case was pending she called the police a second time and again accused KL of assaulting her. KL was arrested again and brought to Woburn District Court; the DA’s Office sought to have KL’s bail on the first case revoked and have him locked up while the cases were pending. (Right now – October 2010 – it can take 5 months to get a trial date in Woburn District Court.) KL was released on a cash bail which his father put up. KL retained Attorney Lewin. KL insisted he was innocent. As the time for trial drew near KL’s family became concerned about whether or not he should go to trial or perhaps “work out a plea deal”; Attornney Lewin insisted that Kyle not plead guilty but rather go to trial. Attorney Lewin made it clear to KL and his family (and to KL’s wife) that the evidence and the truth were on KL’s side and that KL would never plead guilty. On October 26, 2010 KL’s cases were called for trial in Woburn District Court. Attorney Lewin stood up and in a loud clear voice answered that KL was ready for trial on both cases. KL’s wife refused to testify; both charges were dismissed. Never plead guilty to a crime you did not commit.

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