On March 14, 2014, MR, a 39 year old woman and her husband, were in the waiting room of a psychologist’s office in North Andover. They were getting divorced and were litigating in the Probate Court who was going to get custody of their 9 year old daughter. The Probate Court judge had appointed the psychologist to investigate the issue of custody. On March 14, 2014 the psychologist wanted to speak to their daughter and then to MR and her husband. While the psychologist was speaking to their daughter MR went to use the bathroom. When she exited the bathroom MR claimed that her husband (a Doctor) pushed her to the floor. The Husband claimed that MR had stepped on his foot and then in a very controlled manner fell to the floor. He claimed he never touched her. When MR landed on the floor she screamed. The psychologist came out of his office. The psychologist, MR, and her husband all called 911. The police came. The police charged BOTH MR and her husband with domestic assault. The husband wanted for both MR and himself to exercise their marital privilege and not testify against each other and have both cases dismissed. MR refused. MR retained Attorney Robert Lewin. Attorney Lewin reviewed the police reports and felt strongly that the case against MR was very weak and that MR should go to trial. MR had had the presence of mind to take pictures of a cut on her elbow and a bruise on her leg that she had sustained when her husband threw her to the floor. Attorney Lewin made color enlargements of the photos. On July 29, 2014 the case against MR went to jury trial in Lawrence District Court. Attorney Lewin had thoroughly prepared MR for her testifying at her trial. MR was concerned that her husband was a “convincing talker” and “made a nice appearance”. Attorney Lewin told MR, not to worry about her husband that Attorney Lewin would deal with his “slickness” on cross examination. The trial began; the Husband testified and Attorney Lewin through cross examination was able to show that the husband was an angry man. The jury saw it. MR testified and followed all the lessons that Attorney Lewin had given her: she looked at the jury when she testified, she was polite but firm, she answered her questions with precision and confidence. The jury went out to deliberate at 12:47 PM; seven minutes later we were all back in the court room. The Jury had reached their verdict. MR was found NOT guilty. MR was thrilled. Attorney Lewin has been practicing criminal law since 1971. In 43 years of practice this was the quickest verdict that Attorney Lewin has had. As a Judge in Lawrence District Court said to Attorney Robert Lewin recently in another jury trial that ended with a not guilty verdict, “Bob, you still got your fastball”.

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