Another Domestic Assault Dismissed

A 58 year old Woburn mother was accused of assaulting her 32 year old daughter in Woburn District Court. The mother insisted she was simply trying to prevent her daughter from going to the home of the daughter’s child’s father, a useless bloke who pays no child support. The daughter told the police that as the daughter was leaving the house her mother grabbed the daughter’s pocketbook which the daughter had over her shoulder causing the daughter to hit the refrigerator and fall to the floor. The police report indicated that the mother was drunk. For years the Mother had put up with her daughter’s substance abuse and the Mother was the primary caretaker of the daughter’s child. The Mother’s frustration with her daughter was understandable. On the day of the pre-trial hearing the Mother indicated she just wanted to get the case over with and plead guilty. Attorney Lewin insisted that she not plead to the case as he felt that no jury would convict her. The case was continued for trial and on Friday, April 16, 2010 the District Attorney’s Office in Woburn District Court filed a nolle prosequi ending the case. A nolle prosequi is a termination of the prosecution of a criminal case by the Commonwealth; it is similar to a dismissal.

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