Another Domestic Assault and Battery Dismissed – Haverhill District Court

In May of 2023 a criminal complaint issued against JT in Haverhill District Court for Domestic Assault & Battery against the mother of his child. The complaint alleged that the Assault and Battery occurred in August of 2021. Back in 2021 the police decided not to charge JT; however, he subsequently got into additional trouble with the law in 2023 and the case from 2021 was brought to life. Another attorney referred JT to Attorney Robert Lewin of Andover. JT retained Attorney Lewin.

The police report alleged that JT struck the mother of his child giving her a bruise under her eye. The two biggest problems that the Commonwealth had with its case were (1) the lack of any witnesses and (2) the fact that the alleged “victim” [the mother of JT’s child] was denying that JT struck her.

Attorney Lewin advised JT to get the earliest possible trial date. On July 13, 2023 JT and Attorney Lewin appeared in Haverhill District Court for a pre-trial hearing. The Court scheduled the case for trial on August 24, 2023. Attorney Lewin thoroughly prepared the case for trial and prepared JT and the mother of his child in the event it became necessary for them to testify.

On August 24, 2023, JT and Attorney Lewin and the mother of JT’s child appeared in Haverhill District Court. The case was called and Attorney Lewin answered that the Defense was ready for trial. The Assistant District Attorney answered that the Commonwealth was not ready. Attorney Lewin moved for the case to be dismissed. The Judge granted Attorney Lewin’s request and ordered the case dismissed.

JT and Attorney Lewin left the Courthouse and JT had a smile on his face and thanked Attorney Lewin.

Although this was a relatively simple case, Attorney Lewin thoroughly prepared the case and prepared his client and the witness. Attorney Lewin leaves nothing to chance and always brings his A game to every case.

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