Back in 2005 PT, then age 31, kited checks at a local bank in Holyoke, MA and ended up owing the bank $1,100.00. Check kiting is illegal and when he refused to pay the bank the $1,100.00 a criminal complaint for Larceny by Check Over $250 was taken out against PT. PT defaulted in Court and took off for Texas. In 2014 PT went to renew his Texas License and was told he could not renew it because he had an outstanding warrant in Massachusetts. PT remembered virtually nothing about the case. PT contacted Attorney Robert Lewin. Attorney Lewin – that same day – contacted the Court and the Holyoke Police and was able to determine the facts of the case, the amount of money owing, that the investigating officer had retired from the police force and the investigator for the bank had also retired. PT retained Attorney Lewin. Attorney Lewin spoke the next day with the Assistant District Attorney at the court; the DA’s Office agreed that if PT paid the $1,100.00 forthwith then the DA’s Office would agree to dismiss the case – and PT would not have to come up to Massachusetts. Attorney Lewin called PT and gave him his options: (1) He could come up to Massachusetts and fight the case and probably win it of (2) he could pay the $1,100.00, not have to come to Massachusetts, and probably get the case dismissed. PT’s wife wired the $1,100.00 to Attorney Lewin the next day. On Tuesday, April 8, 2014 Attorney Lewin appeared in Holyoke District Court and presented a Motion to waive PT’s personal appearance in Court. The judge granted the Motion, Attorney Lewin paid the $1,100.00 to the Court, the default was removed, the warrant cancelled, and the case dismissed. The suspension of PT’s right to operate a motor vehicle imposed by the Massachusetts RMV because of the warrant in Holyoke District Court has been lifted and PT can now go to the Texas DMV and get his Texas license renewed. From the date PT hired Attorney Lewin to the date the warrant got cancelled and the case was dismissed consumed 7 business days. Like many people who have outstanding warrants PT was afraid to deal with it and thought it would never rear its head. Neither PT nor his wife could believe that the case got so favorably resolved, so quickly, without PT having to come to Massachusetts.

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