In 1980, EO, then age 26, was drinking and drugging and got into a boatload of trouble stealing checks, forging checks, and passing bad checks. He got locked up and when he was released from jail he had 7 cases in Lawrence District Court where he was placed on probation with a 2 year suspended sentence. As a condition of probation he was also ordered to pay restitution. In 1981, while on probation, he took off from Massachusetts. He never paid the restitution. Years went by. EO stopped drinking and he stopped using drugs. Thirty-five years later in 2015 he is living in the State of Wisconsin. Wisconsin refused to renew his driver’s license because of the outstanding warrants in Lawrence District Court. The Federal Immigration Service revoked his passport and refused to let him leave the country because of the warrants. EO retained Attorney Robert Lewin in North Andover.

Attorney Lewin immediately went over to Lawrence District Court and requested that all of EO’s Court papers be brought up from the archives. This took about a week. EO, now age 61, did not want to travel to Massachusetts to clear up these warrants and he certainly did not want to have to serve the 2 year sentences (7 of them) that had been suspended back in 1980. Attorney Lewin had EO furnish him with all the good things that had gone on in EO’s life since he became drug and alcohol free. Attorney Lewin opened up a conversation with the Chief Probation Officer at Lawrence District Court. The conversation spanned about one week. The Chief Probation Officer wanted to check all of EO’s Court records to see exactly what EO was facing.

Attorney Lewin prepared a Motion to Waive EO’s Appearance At Court and to Terminate EO’s Probation and Cancel the 7 Warrants upon the immediate payment of the outstanding restitution. After reviewing the entire case the Chief Probation Officer agreed that if EO paid the outstanding moneys that were owing to the Court that Probation would ask the Judge to terminate EO’s Probation, cancel the warrants, and close the cases.

On October 6, 2015 Attorney Lewin appeared before the Judge in Lawrence District Court and presented the Motion. The Judge allowed the Motion. Attorney Lewin paid the outstanding moneys that EO owed the Court from money that EO had sent to Attorney Lewin. The Judge then CANCELLED all 7 outstanding warrants and terminated EO’s probation and closed all of his cases in Lawrence District Court. Attorney Lewin left the Courthouse on Appleton Street and called EO and gave him the good news. EO was a happy man.

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