IS, a 47 year old businessman living in NY, went to obtain a high security clearance. He was told that he had warrants outstanding in an old criminal motor vehicle case in Cambridge District Court. The warrant dated back 30 years! IS emailed Attorney Lewin an inquiry. Attorney Lewin responded that he felt he could clear the warrant immediately. On February 7, 2011 IS sent Attorney Lewin a retainer by wire transfer at 9:00 AM. Within two hours, Attorney Lewin prepared a Motion to Cancel the Warrants and Dismiss the cases. Attorney Lewin went to Cambridge District Court, had the Clerk-Magistrate pull the papers on the cases, spoke with the District Attorney, and had the cases sent into the Courtroom. The Judge granted Attorney Lewin’s Motion and ordered the warrants cancelled and ordered the cases dismissed. Attorney Lewin walked out of Cambridge District Court slightly before 11:00 AM and called IS in New York. IS could not believe it was done so quickly. On February 9, 2011 IS got his high security clearance.

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