LN, a 53 year old woman from a metro north suburb, is charged with two counts of Larceny in Concord District Court. She was employed as a cashier at a local pharmacy and is accused of stealing two gift cards from the pharmacy after putting $500 on each of the gift cards. LN has retained Attorney Robert Lewin from North Andover to represent her in Concord District Court. One of the first things Attorney Lewin did was to run her criminal record to make sure there were no surprises on the record. Sure enough, there was a warrant outstanding for LN’s arrest as the result of a default in a Larceny case in Woburn District Court going back to 1989. Attorney Lewin explained to LN that it was important to get the warrant taken care of before LN’s first appearance in Concord District Court, which is scheduled for January 15, 2016. (Attorney Lewin explained to LN that if the warrant in Woburn Court was still outstanding when LN and Attorney Lewin go into Concord District Court that the Judge in Concord District Court could order LN locked up and transported free of charge in the Sheriff’s van to Woburn District Court after spending a night in MCI Framingham.) Attorney Lewin went to Woburn District Court and obtained copies of the papers in the Woburn Court Case.

On December 30, 2015 Attorney Lewin and LN went to Woburn District Court and had the case put on the Court list for that day. Attorney Lewin met with the supervising Assistant District Attorney at Woburn District Court before court began that morning. Attorney Lewin explained to the Asst. DA that the case was 26 years old and the alleged victim, Purity Supreme Supermarket, was no longer in business. Attorney Lewin pointed out to the Asst. DA that it would be virtually impossible for the DA’s Office to prove the case against LN. At Attorney Lewin’s suggestion the Asst. DA agreed to dismiss the case. The case was called. The Judge ordered the default removed, the warrant cancelled, and by agreement of the parties the case dismissed. LN walked out of Woburn Court a happy lady, but still has to face the two felony larceny charges in Concord District Court.

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