CN, a 40 year old female refugee from Cambodia living in Lowell, has lived in the shadows for the last 18 years because she had warrants outstanding in Lawrence District Court and Roxbury Municipal Court. In March of 1995 she was arrested in Boston and charged with Receiving Stolen Property and Possession of Cocaine. In July of 1986 she was arrested again, this time in Lawrence, and charged with 4 counts of B & E into A Motor Vehicle, 1 Count of Possession of Burglar’s Tools, and 3 counts of Larceny. Terrified that she would be sent to jail she defaulted in both Courts and “lived in the shadows” for 18 years. On February 27, 2014 CN had an office consult with Attorney Robert Lewin and retained him. Attorney Lewin essentially told her she did not have much to worry about given the ages of the cases. The next day Attorney Lewin brought CN into Lawrence District Court: the Defaults were removed, the warrants recalled, and the cases were continued to March 27, 2014 for pre-trial hearing. Attorney Lewin was successful in getting the Judge in Lawrence not to order CN held for Roxbury Court, but rather released her to go to Roxbury with Attorney Lewin that same day at 2:00 PM. Attorney Lewin and CN then went to Roxbury where the Judge removed the defaults, recalled the warrants, and continued the case to April 1, 2014 for pre-trial hearing. Attorney Lewin then met with the DAs in both Lawrence District Court and Roxbury Municipal Court. The principal witness in the case in Lawrence would have been 107 years old but had passed away many years earlier and most of the police involved in the Lawrence Court case were retired. With the case in Roxbury neither the police report nor the drugs could be found. On March 27, 2014 CN and Attorney Lewin appeared in Lawrence District Court: all 8 charges were DISMISSED. On April 1, 2014 CN and Attorney Lewin appeared in Roxbury Municipal Court: the 2 charges there were DISMISSED. CN was so excited and thrilled that these cases – which had hung over her head for years and had been a shadow on her life – were gone. The Judges in both Lawrence and Roxbury allowed CN to be released because they knew and trusted Attorney Lewin to show up in Court with CN on the next court dates. That kind of trust has been built up by Attorney Lewin over the 43 years he has been a lawyer and appearing in Court.

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